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  1. Hi Folks, I am using Evernote Free app of 5.6.4 version in my mobile as well as PC. I am facing a problem between my mobile and PC versions. Below is the description. I will make notes of whatever I have read at home in PC evernote (say 10 points/Lines as text). When I want to update this notes at my convenience(say when outside and not accessible to PC). I will do it from mobile (where data in my mobile is not in sync with current data from server as I have not sync'd it in past 2 days- say I have only 8 points of earlier said text in mobile), will add few additional points and I will do it offline. In this case I am updating my notes with additional content and when I sync it with server, the earlier data(10 points) is getting overrriden with the data of 8 points along with additional content which is being added offline. (here I am losing my old 2 points) Is there any way to identify the conflicts between server and mobile versions so that it could ask for a merger of both data (or) overwrite the server version before updating if there are any conflicts? I dont know if it could be solved or this is the behaviour. Please let me know, If any body could assist me. Thanks Adams
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