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  1. Top list is suppose to show each of your notes horizontally across the page. My uploaded 3 image jpg tell the story. I see use a Mac. Ive been told by EN it comes in many iterations. So EN can make money no matter what type of computer you are using. That may be the cause of your problem.
  2. Hi, I've been a loyal, advocate since 2009 & I need some help. And currently running EN Ver: & My Previous EN Ver: EN is running on W10 which I modified to look & feel like W7 on an ASUS gaming laptop. I'm not a tech person nor do I deal with any big companies tech or otherwise. EN in my format has become a "big box" virtual whse where I store info,images,etc. for my many fast moving projects allowing me to work on several projects at ounce. Many of my busn colleagues have commented how clever it was. Of course I tell theme about EN & offer to help them. IMAGE #1: Shows the EN configuration I've been using with great success since 2009. IMAGES #2 & #3 show the last hurdle I have to get over so I can get back to work. If anyone can help me solve the hurdle "IMAGES #2 & #3" I should be good to go & very grateful
  3. Hi, Entered my CC # + rest of requested info several times to no avail. I've only done this over the web at least a zillion times over 25 yrs with no problem. EN locked me out of my acct because of a lg image? Don't know what image is the problem. If I could get back in, I'll delete the image. Just recently I deleted all the messages in my trash folder as I just retired & am downsizing. Have been an EN user since it started & have turned many colleagues, friends on to EN. Please, how do I correct this situation? Regards, klxdrt
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, I mean that I use EVERNOTE just like MS WORD if it was a Cloud service. I use the K. I. S. S. principle. Regards, klxdrt
  5. Why so cattiwampus? I've been a paying user since the beginning. Each iteration seems to change the rules & adds features I never use. I manage upwards of 8TB data & help colleagues with above the Software & hardware they are not able to solve. I'm not a tech & only deal in solutions by: thinking strategically, acting operationally with situation awareness to create dots to a solution. Simply I use EVERNOTE as a SUPER CLOUD WORD application making it INCREDIBLY POWERFUL & USEFUL. Is there a cheat sheet I can download to learn what evernote does I can use what is use what is useful to me & avoid, skip the rest. Regards,
  6. Hi, EN: 6.15.47934 on W7 pro does not save pasted links. Links paste OK but going back a day later, links are not there?? All savings options are checked inc. "save when leaving". And I just upgraded. Who cares about all the clinkers & kazoos if the basics are always going bonkers. Regards klxdrt
  7. Thanks for all your help, but EN is ?????; Ill stick to my way, it works. Is this 2018 or 1756? Re-loading a muzzle loader is faster that this web clipper? This makes EN a Model T Ford. In 2018, I expect & want a Tesla in the Insane Or Ludicrous mode. Best Regards,
  8. Thanks for the useful reply. I've been using EN since 2009 & never used "web clipper" where do I find it? setup? Your suggestions are interesting as 30+ yr Win user, 75% of my time creating 'workarounds' for all brands of Win SW. Maybe that's why was smart enough to go with W7 Pro, '32bt'. I use several 32 it programs because they just WORK, no problems: I even us a 1994 ver of an easy to use non programmable relational DBF database that will hold 2 billion entries & is faster than the the old Foxpro db. Sometimes I think I would be more efficient going back to a more mechanical system. I'll try the EN web clipper if you guys just help me out a bit: "web clipper", where do I find it? setup? Regards, klxdrt
  9. Those problem were solved, THANKS, but others surfaced. Have been a avid loyal users since 2009 & have experienced the evolution. My 2 cents, too many bells & whistles. I know everything is like this today, I'm from a different era, Things just worked. Inherited my father's tools, mostly Craftsman. Problem, return to Sears, get a new one. Yes I know sears is gone. But the tools work fine now, including 2 Weller soldering guns from the early 30's and a Dremel form the mid 40's. And I even got 5% on my savings acct. And we even: Cheers, klxdrt
  10. W7 Pro, Copying info from web pg to EN= format, edit problems with EN: on both W& Pro pcs. What happens is hard to describe as the format, edit problems change all the time. I do a normal copy paste of information from a web page to a blank EN note. To save space in EN, I delete any images I don't need. I've tried the std Paste format & The paste & match style. Whatever that is? Same problem; I cant remove the spaces where the image was? If I add to any content from a txt writer some info overlaps? info below it. I can get rid of the overlapping content but sometimes a lot of copy disappears & I can't get it back. Lots of important time $$$ lost just like EN experiences. Is there a solution for preventing/correcting this and nothing on the web on the web about EN operating system or commands? Even a simple cheat would help greatly. I've been using EN since 2009 & It's very helpful when it works. Lately EN's operation has been somewhat cattiwampus. Regards, Please advise solution.
  11. Hi, How do I widen a cell in EN on W7 Pro? Above image says it all. Regards, klxdrt
  12. Cal, I read your post bt t's the screen shot got bey small. This forum doesnt make sense ro me, then it goed to file update,
  13. CalS Thanks for the tip, but the interface presented by Evernote_6.7.6.7584.exe was catiwampus & I looked all over to see how to change it to how I need & use it. This forum's format is always changing making it very difficult to use. #1: This forum suggested I upgrade to this hotfix: https://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.7.6.7584.exe. Below is what came up as my main screen: 2: Below is the main screen I’ve been using for several yrs & need to get back to it ASAP. How do I get back to this screen using the currrent ver of EN I just installed, Evernote_6.7.6.7584.exe: Posted in Win Forum Regards, Klxdrt TRIED TO BUT COULD NOT DELETE BELOW IMAGES
  14. Posted this topic on the Windows Forum 8-27-18: "Syncing problem caused more havoc, need help" Chkd W-forum today, did not see post. I found it by searching but it did not indicate which forum the post was on?? Will some one please direct me to an area where I can get a shortlist of the forum’s & EN operating procedures & the process there of. The help I need is simple & basic to EN: I use EN in 2 W7 Pro PC’s, a desktop & a laptop custom assembled for my usage with RN & the combo worked fine until EN WOULD NOT UPDATE each other. The EN versions i was using Below: Below is the working screenshot I use & need for the work I do. What do need to do to attain this cofiguration? Regards, Klxdrt
  15. Syncing problem caused more havoc, need help W7 Pro 32 bit on a custom laptop & custom PC with identical programs & file structures. All this started over the weekend. Tried to sync EN on laptop, got (red triangle!) error. Tried syncing several times to no avail. Checked Desktop to see if EN there synced, it didn’t. Shut everything down, got cup of coffee, drank coffee, read WSJ, then tried again to no avail. Been an EN user since 2009, currently have a paid version, several yr, don't know details. I'm ret busn mgr, have no teams, no need to do work for any co. big or small. Use EN for wealth, health, political, tech busn research so my wife & I can survive. Been on the net for approx 30 yrs, used PCs since early 80's, mostly DOS & Win up to W7. Early 80's, conceived, designed set-up mini system for F 500 textile co who wanted to get into the catalog/direct mkt business. Later added POS system for regional retail stores, then tied system in to nationwide dept store chains so they could allow their customers access to ALL our Bed & Bath fashions. Proposed data lifestyle enhancement & data mining to upper mgmt but was turned down, didn't understand it. Where I stand now: Below is an image of the operational header I use on both pcs and would like to keep it as allows me to work fast, efficiently for the research work I do. EN on PC:; laptop: (since removed). Uninstalled EN from my Laptop. Installed EN was supposed to fix syncing problem but it didn't- lost main EXB, but I copied it off before I started syncing trouble shooting. Tried using the web version but the interface is catawampus. As long as I can get to that menu layout & sync I will be fine. Can/will you guys give me some advice as to what versions & what I have to do so I can maintain the below menu & syncing. I may be out for a day visiting grand-kids but will respond as soon as I get back, sometime Monday. W7 Pro 32 bit on a custom laptop & custom PC with identical programs & file structures. Regards, klxdrt
  16. gazumped I followed your instruction as above: I uninstalled Evernote from your computer and download, restart and reinstall Evernote 6.7 from here. Several unexpected problems ensued: Had to reset my password?? to get into the new ver of EN. The interface was totally different. could not find where to set it. Info I entered into my EN Notebook> note was missing, no way to find, go to other Notebooks to check. Selected update arrow, it spun once but the missing txt did not appear. Chkd for program files, 10 files in program files folder. Chkd for database files in User folder> HW folder>evernote>databases> sessiondata file BUT NO exb file. I uninstalled EN 6.7. I have a copy of the exb database. And I don't care what version I end up with I just want EN to work like it did since 2009 & syncs. How do I get things back together? Above is an Image of my orig EN, have been using it for yrs. When all this is over how do I get it back?
  17. Hi, Was on EN about 1 hr ago,picked up some info. Got out of EN, just went back in to get some different info. Only 1 note in each notebook. How can I recover my lost notes. I'm a paid subscriber. Regards, klxdrt
  18. Guru, Thanks for the tip, Sorry, but EN changes at random with no real functional busn improvements. Most changes are for coolness, trendiness, programmers showing off there tech skills. Also while I'm at it, EN does not meet W3C & Yale style manual stds for legibility & readability. Max @ EN has been very helpful, but several emails to him got lost or just disappeared when using your support page. I don't suppose anyone is old enough to know of the best engineered car ever built... The YUGO. Thanks again for the help, & have a Happy Thanksgiving.
  19. Hi, Restored note in TRASH, Where notebook did it restore to? I know what notebook it came from, chkd it wasnt there, Where did it go? The answer has got to be a simple, easy to use solution. regards, klxdrt
  20. using outdate because the newer ver went backward.. tried web, but it has no email button. klxdrt
  21. Hi, I was having some trouble with my PC based EN & Thought I'd check out the web version. I was gobsmacked, it says EN, but it's not laid out anything like the PC version. That seems odd and as I looked further into the interface, many functions are not there or maybe they're hidden for some reason I cant imagine as this is a very good business tool. I can't see a manager of a several million $, 200 employee operation futzing around trying to fine this? So I marked up a screen capture so it would be visually easy for you guys to help me. Warm Regards, klxdrt
  22. Guru, I understand how you feel as there are many things I don't like and have offered innovative solutions. I just live the the dislikes. It's part of living in 2016. My point is that EN mail has worked many times and it's very important because I email myself my most critical NOTES to myself and store them on my HD. I have EM Preim. Don't have time futz around with EN's catiwampus process. My way is simple, & quick, the KISS method.
  23. Hi Need some help, emails sent from EN v5.9.0.8665 to disparate recipients never reach recipients. EN popup indicates email were sent but are never revived. This also happened when 'send copy to me' is selected. Warm Regards, klxdrt
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