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  1. Yes that is what I found last night, thank you. Only wanted then to know if to download EN to Ipad from the app store, will I have to input CC info even for just the trial. I did not have to do that on my PC. Thanks!
  2. ....on various systems. I have a windows PC and (using Chrome) have downloaded EN free trial and love it. It's something I might want to institute using for my company as Premium, but I need to understand a few things first. Meanwhile, I'm testing it beautifully but found that on a coworkers IPad I couldn't Download the free trial without putting in credit card info. Can I download EN on an IPad (or any other tablet and which ones) so they can each trial it before we make the leap? I'm basically looking for the EN approved link to download EN on every employees personal device. Is there a list I can go to to do this given everyone's different platforms? I would like to do this without asking them to input a CC just yet. Thanks! Ultimately, it will be these tablets (Elipsis 7 ) that we will have all the field techs using so : given the OS system info here: http://www.legitreviews.com/verizon-ellipsis-7-4g-lte-tablet-review_136049 what like should I use to get EN free trial on it without putting in CC info. ??
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