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  1. +1 This setting works on my windows workstation, but not on my mac.
  2. I hadn't considered modifying the sync. On the windows version it syncs everytime I make a change. That's most convenient, but it might not be a bad idea to just sync it manually when I'm done making changes. Thanks for the tip about premium note history.
  3. The computer is running Windows 7 professional. In a single note file containg a PDF, I moved the PDF from the bottom of the note, to the middle of the note. On landing in the new location, the adobe pdf symbol was exchanged for an external drive with the Windows flag, and the title replaced by alphanumeric gibberish. I attempted to open the file - Windows reported that the file was corrupted. I tried Ctrl+z hoping I could just undo what had just been done. No joy. I was stuck. In this same note, the second PDF file, still at the bottom, also became corrupt, bearing a similar alphanumeric tombstone. Neither of the word files in the note were affected. Has anyone had experience with this, or know what the issue is? I have opened these notes on my mac now. They are corrupt here as well. Over the last week I've begun working across two computers to avoid commuting with my laptop, and was literally on the verge of upgrading before this happened. Thanks
  4. I very recently downloaded Evernote, and shortly thereafter got hung up with organizing my notes. I want to create a link in my note to a .pdf file locally stored on my hard drive. Here is what is happening: Nothing I repeated the test using a .docx - same result. When these links are reproduced in a word processor, the files are opened. Conclusion: User can successfully create links to local filesystem. Evernote may not support links to external objects. Next I created a link within Evernote to a web address. Success! Conclusion: Linking to the local filesystem is restricted. These results are using the download from evernote.com. Similar result using application downloaded from App Store (preview will only load pdf files following specific events, e.g. launching the file from finder, closing it, then accessing via the hyperlink within Evernote). Has this feature been blocked? I was really excited about this software, but without this feature I will not be able to use it efficiently. Are there permissions I need to enable for Evernote so that it can launch locally stored files? Thank you!
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