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  1. In previous versions of the Evernote web interface, the notebook menu had expandable imbedded subfolders, so that when I went into a subfolder I could open an item and the rest of the notebooks menu did not disappear. Now, when I go to a note, the overall menu disappears, so I have to click the notebooks icon to get back to it- starting from the top each time. It's a huge waste of time to have to scroll down to the notebook I'm working in each time I come out of an individual note. I've tried different approaches and there's no way to interact more efficiently with this design. Frustrating!
  2. I am having this same issue and I am LIVID. I can't access my data!!! Evernote is supposed to streamline my life, not make it more frustrating! In the knowledgebase, updated 10/8/14, it says you right click and select "open". There is no such option! Fix this Evernote developers. I am reminded why I've sworn off betas in the past- and reminded to stick to it in the future.
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