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  1. Hi everyone. I am a big fan of Evernote and depend on it for my every day life. With the heavy usage, there are features that I would like changed for a more effective performance. When using the copy and paste feature on Evernote (Android), Evernote limits selection when bullets and numbers are involved. I do not see the point in doing so and I know that the application on windows does not have this limitation. So if I wanted to copy all of the words in the example above. I would first have to select "example:" copy and paste it into wherever. Then Select "I work with bullet points a lot." Then copy and paste it into wherever Then Select "When I try to copy and paste the bullet points" then copy and paste it wherever Then Select "I am only able to select one bullet point content at a time" then copy and paste it wherever. Process is the same if I want to bold everything or highlight, etc. In other words, it takes a process that should take 5 seconds into something that can take 5-10 min depending on how much content and bullet (or number) points I want to select. By the way. If you remove the bullets, you still CANT select everything at once. The app believes that the bullet is still there and will not let you select all of the content at one time. Please FIX!
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