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  1. My impatience was getting the better of me with such a large chunk of my data missing but Shane D. has been working with me throughout the day trying to resolve this issue and find the root cause so it doesn't happen to anyone else. He seems to be narrowing it down to PDF's
  2. The solution was given to me on Friday of last week. The rep was just repeating what the chat rep had stated. His email was just a clarification email. The loss of data is upsetting but what I'm finding more upsetting is the lack of communication from them being a paid client. I've dealt with cloud services including EN in the past and the Customer Service responses have been great. I've worked in the Customer Service Industry and communication is key, even if you don't have an answer you tell the client what you've done already to work on their issue and that you are still working on it. As for the recovery from the data file I extracted from the phone so far over half of the notes are just blank but I'm still working on them.
  3. To update I've only received cursory replies from EN being a Premium member and the level of customer service is to say the least disappointing. I only received a response because I got onto their chat and followed up. A tech was assigned to me but there was still nothing done. I'm still without the lost notes and notebooks. The notes that are in the files that I recovered are mostly blank also so that was a bust and a waste of time. I've been a user and proponent of cloud base apps and for the longest time an EN supporter I've used it personally and Business Accounts since 2008. See transcripts below. **This is an Automated Message to provide you with the transcript of your conversation with our Support Representative.** We appreciate your taking the time to speak with us today. An agent will follow up with you as needed. Thank you, Evernote Support Chat transcript: Visitor: Ticket# 762908 is previous ticket number needing update for lost data that is needed Thuan: Hello, thank you for contacting Evernote Support. Sorry for the wait. Please hold for one moment as I look into the ticket Visitor: thank you Visitor: Pizza might get here while we chat so I may step away a quick minute Thuan: no worries, I just looking over you ticket and it looks like the ticket is currently in our Technical Support Team's hand, but they have yet to get to your ticket just yet, because they work each ticket in the order the they were received Visitor: Evernote is in my everyday use can I use my account without fear of more loss? Thuan: You notes that you created in Evernote should be safe as long as you sync your notes and make sure that they sync properly and are showing in Evernote Web. However, it's always a good idea to back up your computer, just in case. That way should anything ever occurs (if they do), our technical support team can utilize the back up and help you restore your contents as a last resort as well Thuan: With that said, I'm notifying our Technical Support Team to see when they can get to your ticket. So please bear with me for a moment Visitor: thank you Thuan: Ok, so I got one of our technical support specialist to take your ticket, and they will be working with you via email from here. Thuan: By the way, it was mentioned in the ticket that you have a back up of your lost notes somewhere on one of your devices correct? Visitor: sorta. I was able to extract my notes file from an android device that had yet synced but to go through every folder convert them to .html then resave them is not optimal Visitor: if there is another way to get my notes recovered via this file I'm all ears Thuan: I'll let the technical support specialist know on this. Before I end this chat, did you have any other questions or concerns that I can further assist you with today? Visitor: no thank you for your help Thuan: my pleasure. Please enjoy the rest of your day! Bye now. Shane D. (Evernote Support) Oct 13 17:02 Thank you for your patience! I will be further assisting you with this issue. To make sure I am understanding; you were able to save your Notes from the Android to a backup, correct? In this case, you are having to now convert each of them manually one by one, correct? Unfortunately, there isn't a method that will enable you to expedite their conversion back into usable files for that can be placed back into Evernote. However, I will do my best to see if I can isolate the cause of the issue, and try to determine how best to repair the problem in the fastest way possible. At this time, I am further investigating into the issue and will follow up with you as quickly as possible once I have more information. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime. I appreciate your patience, and thank you for using Evernote! Best, Shane D.
  4. Unfortunately they aren't in my trash. I'm hopeful I'll have a responce tomorrow from evernore
  5. I was doing some major house cleaning of my Evernote reorganizing all of my notes and tags because things had gotten out of hand. In mid cleanup the Evernote app locked up on the PC and crashed. When I brought up the app again it locked up again. So I did a reboot, the app opened and started to sync. To my horror I sawnotes disappearing. Not deleting just disappear. I pulled up the web and notes were gone there too. As where the notes on my tablet. I grabbed my phone and put it in airplane mode and extracted my notes file but when I needed to use my phone my notes disappeared there also. I am a premium user and have a ticket open but have no resolution yet. Ticket# 762908 Win 7 most current stable version of EN Android tablet 4.4.2 current EN Android phone 4.42 current EN Is there a way I can copy my notes file back into my profile folder or will everything get deleted again?
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