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  1. I also entirely support this idea. I have several businesses with which I work, and have different notebooks across each. It's excellent to have this feature in Evernote Mac; but it definitely needs to show up in the Evernote Mobile app, too. +1000
  2. Well, I figured out what the problem was: The notes were all in a shared notebook that I am not the owner of. I did two things to verify this: Moved all the notes to a non-shared notebook. Finding all the notes via the tag worked. Moved all the notes to a shared notebook that I own. Finding all the notes via the tag worked.I vaguely recall some other discussions around tags in notebooks of which I'm not the owner, and so I'm going to chalk this up to current functional limitations in Evernote. IMO, Evernote needs some serious re-architecting to handle tag limitations in shared notebooks. (E.g. I don't like the inability to create tags in notebooks I don't own and have them propagate to other notebook users; notebook owners need granularity in what can be done with shared notebooks, e.g. content read/write, tag read/write, etc. Unless somebody (e.g. JMichael) thinks I ought to file the initial condition in my post as a bug, I'll consider this a solved issue for now. Thanks, JMichael, for jumping in.
  3. Hello - I've got several shared notebooks where content is tagged. The tags appear to sync between my devices, and sync to the people with whom the notebook is shared. However, tags aren't working as expected. Here's the specific example: I've got a 54 notes tagged "cocktails". They're all in a notebook shared with my wife. We're both premium users. Here's what I see: In my Mac client, I can click Tag (in the home sidebar), double-click cocktails in the tag list, and all (54) of the notes tagged cocktails appear in a list. Good! Sync to my iPad. The word "cocktails" appears in the tags list. Touch Tags from the iPad home, touch "cocktails" in the tag list. I get a screen saying "No notes found. You don't have any notes tagged with 'cocktails'." (Which is, of course, untrue - see above.) (I've also tagged them by the base alcohol - gin, vodka, .... The same behavior appears when I try to find a cocktail using one of those tags, e.g. touching gin gives me a "no notes found") I even went to the trouble of deleting a tag from a cocktail, syncing all devices, re-adding the "cocktails" tag from the iPad, syncing across all devices, and trying to find the recipe via the tag. Still no joy. Note: I've COMPLETELY reset my environment. Re-installing Evernote on my iPad triggered an ENTIRE reset of my ipad. (I restored it to factory defaults, installed it as a "new iPad", and restored applications a few at a time - finishing with Evernote, and a full re-sync. Evernote didn't _really_ require this; but after my iPad got excruciatingly slow after my iOS 8 update, I decided a full reset was in order.) So, now I have: - iOS 8.0.2 freshly installed on my iPad (2) - Evernote And I can't get a list of all my cocktails via the tags. Is it me, or is this capability not available with (shared) notebooks in Evernote? If not supported, can I get tag-recall back by taking the notes out of a shared notebook? -jb
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