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  1. I'll second this observation, though I won't say "always" running at high CPU on macOS. I will find periods when the "Evernote Helper (Renderer)" is running at high CPU. See attached. It will run like this periodically for several minutes, then reduce it's usage. All-in, though, it's been high for > 50% of the time I've watched today. I haven't yet been able to equate those moments to when something might be happening in Evernote. It's NOT when a sync is happening (as far as I can see). Also, this thread should be in a main Evernote channel - not "Integrations". I may cross-p
  2. Using Safari 14.0.1 on macOS 10.15.7, attempting to change profile photo fails. Visit https://www.evernote.com/secure/ProfileSettings.action In Profile section, select "Change Photo" -> Upload new Dialog prompts for photo, and allows for photo selection using finder-style modal browser dropdown. Select photo, click "Choose for upload" The expected overlay asking for photo crop / center does not appear. Instead, the user is returned to the Profile page, showing the old photo. Attempts to repeat the action results in the same failure. Performed the iden
  3. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I’m so impressed with how the team, under the new CEO, has gotten back to focusing on making a quality product all will love. ❤️ Kudos to the team.
  4. I also entirely support this idea. I have several businesses with which I work, and have different notebooks across each. It's excellent to have this feature in Evernote Mac; but it definitely needs to show up in the Evernote Mobile app, too. +1000
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