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  1. More notable missing items.... Useful additions and features are missing! Improve table functionality "Services" on the mac Size 13 font, size 15, 17..... And the keyboard commands move between the pre-selected font sizes in the list. Fonts except for the 5 preset fonts given to us. There are many more than 5 fonts that are built-in fonts on Win/Mac/iphone/android. A font menu. Exporting more than 50 notes. (I was using export as a local backup.) Why so much wasted space at the top of the screen??? Clicking an internal (or external) link is now a 2
  2. Me Too. MacOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra) Evernote 6.13.1 Original text typed in Evernote = "call for appointment" Cut and paste inside Evernote = "call for appointment" Cut and paste from Evernote to this forum = "call for appointment"
  3. Agreed! Better keyboard navigation would really improve productivity with tables.
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