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  1. I'd like to add my vote on this feature, as well. However, I would think it would best be implemented (and I know you want to know my opinion ) as an option or as an app to download, somewhat like the Bubble Browser was/is. My reason for hoping this feature will be incorporated is to assist the more organizationally challenged in general (colored folders or anything help greatly) and primarily those with learning and other disorders who need the added support in this area. All types of learning disorders involve an aspect of executive dysfunctioning, which create problems with organization and memory, among others. In addition, this would greatly benefit the educational - classroom value of Evernote. If I had the ability to create software that would work with Evernote, I could spend Forever brainstorming and creating valuable applications that would assist and work to enhance this top-notch program. Thanks - Beth Johnson SpectrumOfMinds
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