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  1. I was trying to print an email (from apple mail app on Mac) to Evernote. I restarted mail - no difference with the specific email. I restarted Evernote - no difference with the specific mail. Then I restarted the computer - still could not print out that specific mail to Evernote. What I then did was forward the mail to Evernote (which did work), wrote my first message above, and then tried to print a DIFFERENT email to Evernote - and that worked.
  2. And... of course... as soon as I wrote that reply I tried the print function on another email - and BOOM! It worked as it did before. Annoying for sure.
  3. Yeah, I still have "Save PDF to Evernote" in the MacOS Print Dialog and I am sure it used to work... but same as @Brian Batchelder - nothing ends up in Evernote.
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