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  1. I moved most of my notes to Microsoft OneNote (Mac and iOS), cancelled EN Premium, and deleted EN on my devices in December 2014. OneNote just works. IMO, sharing is much more intuitive than EN and syncing is almost instantaneous. YMMV. Note: Apparently, OneNote has a long history on the PC platform such that it has more features than the Mac and iOS versions, but Microsoft has been adding features through regular updates.
  2. Each and every time after I login, a popup/popover appears about the web beta. Clicking on the "Not now" button does not do anything. STOP this harrassment. The same thing happens with the desktop software, i.e., a popup/popover appears to install/download the desktop application. The latter has been appear for over two years. I have the desktop version. Clicking the "No Thanks" button does absolutely nothing. Opening a trouble ticket and the responders are clueless. What part of "no" do you not understand? The are a few long threads about the desktop app nag with no resolution. If you really do not want my business just say so explicitly. I am happy to quit and take my money elsewhere.
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