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  1. Ok guys, thanks for your comments. I agree EN need to get this fixed as it detracts a little from a really superb product. By the by, how do you guys go about backing up your content on EN? I do regular backups but the files are so many it's difficult to know how to organize them. I just hope nothing happens to Evernote otherwise I'm sunk in terms of organizing it all! Keep on trucking.
  2. Hi all, I've had an issue recently with my tags appearing on my Windows laptop, but not making it over to the web version or onto my Mac. It's a bit alarming when you realise a load of your tags aren't there. Thanks to other members on this forum I found a workaround/fix which I'd like to share for others who might be having the same problem. I asked Evernote for help some 5 days ago but have received nothing from them... The first thing to do is not panic - your notes should ALL be there on your devices, just not some of the tags you've assigned to them. Evernote's main 'bible' record of your data can be found on the web version - so sign in there to see what they have and haven't got as compared to your own home machine. I found my Windows laptop had all the correct tags, but online and on my Mac the tags were not syncing this content through. This is what you do to get the Evernote mainframe to recognise your tags properly - from there it should filter out to your other devices when you sync them. Be ready to work on the computer where all your tags are present and correct Also sign into the Evernote web version to check your progress Identify the discrepancies with the tags between the web version and your home computer In the Windows version of Evernote (which I'll assume you're using) select the tag you want to get Evernote to register In the middle column, under "All Notes" right click on the tag and rename it. The way I did this was by simply adding the number 1 to it, eg "Project:Finance" I renamed "Project: Finance1" All this is doing is adding a placeholder for now Sync it and you'll see the tag appear on the left menu and the tag will now be assigned to all of the notes Now go through all the notes that made up your original tag and add the original tag (eg "Project: Finance") back to each of them Sync as you go You'll now have a placeholder tag and your intended tag with all the relevant notes within both Check over to the web version and as long as you've been syncing regularly you'll notice your intended tag and placeholder tag now appear with the correct notes Progress can be a little delayed, so wait until all your stuff appears in both tags on the web version Now go back to your home machine and delete the placeholder tag, and sync On the web version you should see your intended tag with all correct notes apportioned to it, and placeholder tag gone From there things should sync automatically to your other devices.Good luck with it all. It's a bit annoying to have to do this, especially when the whole raison d'etre of Evernote is the automatic synchronising of content across several digital media. I'm debating where to go from here, as now whenever I create a tag on my Windows machine I'd be in doubt whether it would make it to the main servers. Evernote - sort this issue out please - your service and product otherwise are amazing and remain my favourite organization tool!
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