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  1. That's really annoying. Pretty sure I'll never use evernote again if it can't reliably sync between applications.
  2. Answers as follows: What is your desktop platform, and what OS ver? Evernote, Windows 7 enterprise What is your mobile device, and what OS ver? iphone 5s, ios 8, evernote What versions of Evernote are you running on each? Evernote on windows desktop, evernote on iphone 5s Do you have a Free, Premium, or Business Evernote account? Free
  3. Hi there. An old version of a note was on my iphone (apparently the newest version of the note never synced to my phone?). My newest version of the note was on my desktop, but it apparently never synced to the server. The old version of the note on my on my iphone synced to the server after I opened the iPhone app to see my newest version was there, and when i opened my desktop this morning the new version was overwritten by the old version from the iphone. how do i revert back?
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