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  1. I will never understand nearly every company immediately forsaking maintenance of download links to prior versions of their software whenever each time next shiny new thing comes along. Yes, most users can upgrade os—if they can afford to, if their hardware is still compatible, if they are willing to chance the marked decrease in speed matched by the bloatware of the both software and operating systems, etc. These are only the first of countless reasons that might spring to mind on that front. Yes, it may only be 8% of users who do not upgrade. But if my user base were in the tens or hundreds of millions, 8 per cent is not number of customers—free or otherwise—I'd be prepared to alienate, lose, and send running to my competitors. Yes, some of that 8% will catch up eventually and upgrade. But what percentage of us have had a computer die, new or otherwise and have to revert back to an older model in its place? We may have used an application before a fatal computer failure, but we can hardly be expected to have backed up a version we never had, or was never made available to us? Some even less fortunate may only ever be able to afford used computers, which only come with the basics. Several companies try (and fail) to save face by it was "it was made available before such-and-such," or "announcements were made," or as an Evernote rep offered: "it was hosted by [The App Store]; it's in their hands." In short: the burden of responsibility isn't on the consumer, so why is it I feel like I'm being told to go f--- myself by every company I've already paid with my dollars and loyalty, just cause my computer died and now I'm stuck on a machine I can't upgrade? Way to kick a man while he's down...
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