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  1. Thanks for your prompt response! So I followed your instructions and totaled my usage for the past 4 days. I came up with 5.8 MB. I did have a huge number of files in the trash can, but hadn't restored any of them. Did they count against my usage when I moved them into the trash the first time? If they sit in the trash unrestored, do they still count against the upload somehow? If so, the trash is empty now, so I should be okay once my month resets, correct? Thanks again! Rachel
  2. I use EN on my Mac, PC, and Android phone. In 3 days, I've used 75% of my upload limit (of 60MB). Clearly I'm uploading huge files, but this isn't on purpose--no video files, or lots of pictures, for instance. How can I see my usage history so that I can stop uploading so much in such a short amount of time? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you so much, Vance, for the Cloud HQ recommendation!!! While I love Evernote, everyone with whom I share documents at work only uses Google Drive. I needed a quick and easy way to migrate my Evernote work files to my GDrive and you really helped me out.
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