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  1. just wanted to add JMichaelTX's post about the whereabouts of the database file above is still correct as of february 2016 note that you must be logged in for it to work i found it very difficult to find recent and accurate infomation on where the database file is, so really want to bump this post
  2. thankfully this is a hypothetical quesiton if i delete a note from a notebook, then delete it from the trash, then buy evernote premium afterwards, can you recover that note ? thanks
  3. i'd love to see the ubuntu font as a font choice on evernote i've started seeing it all over www.medium.com very recently. you guys should follow suit
  4. After putting in the code from Google Authenticator, I receive the message: " Your code doesn't match what we're expecting. " I have gone through the process multiple times, fruitlessly
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