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  1. I'm having the same annoying issue. It started doing that recently. Any updates on fixing this bug?
  2. Well, that seems to be the problem. I can't find an EvernoteHelper on the Login items tab and don't know how to add it. I searched for it on spotlight on my computer and it's not there. Is this something that is downloaded separately? I have recently removed the app and re-installed it from the Apple App store and it didn't make a difference. I just noticed tha the version I have installed is different than the one available directly from Evernote. I will try to install that version and let you know if that helped. Thank you.
  3. @CCIrish, I have the same issue o a Mac running 10.9.5 and I have checked everything correctly as far as the settings, but my elephant icon is still not showing on the menu bar on my Mac. "show elephant in menu bar" "Start the evernone helper when I log in to my computer" are both on.
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