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  1. I'd like to echo some of the feedback I already see. The new UI looks slick but seems much less functional to me. I use evernote for the Getting Things Done method of organization and the switch to the beta is making it really painful to use. In particular: -Tags need to be displayed in a nested fashion (or make it an option to do so) -Shortcuts feel pretty much useless as I have to click "Shortcuts" in the sidebar to open them up. -Relating to shortcuts there is no DnD support which makes it frustrating to move notes to new notebooks, which I do frequently. -Using the dropdown inside a note to move it to a different notebook seems to automatically switch your view to that notebook. I don't think this seems logical as you may want to go through a notebook and move several notes. (implementing DnD + shortcuts directly in the sidebar would make this moot) -When you create a new note by hitting "+" it is not obvious how to quickly delete it without hitting "done" and then trashing it. I like the cleaner more minimalist UI but I really don't think removing features is the right call here. It would still look very slick and provide a better UX if you put back/added the features I mentioned above. Hope you take this into consideration!
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