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  1. In 2018 we still have the same bug on the iPad!!! I notice that these comments are from 2013 and not much has changed. I have exactly the problem that the first user described. I regularly work either online, or using the app on my Android phone. However when I come to use my iPad app that I have not used for say 7 days, it overwrites the note that is currently showing with the old version from 7 days ago, modifying either my notes or my to do list. I also know that you can go and retrieve previous versions, but this is REAL PAIN, and should not be happening on the Premium version. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and tried to change various settings, but I can still consistently replicate this bug, whenever I like! Strange thing is that it does not happen on my iphone app, only my ipad. Any answers for this?
  2. I completely agree. Regardless of whether this is a bug or a "feature" it is extremely dangerous. I was thinking of using Evernote in a work environment so that colleagues could share notes on everything, from thoughts and ideas to meeting minutes. Unfortunately I bet there will be one person who will not follow the rules and end up syncing a device months later by accident, it happens. The system is just not robust enough for commercial use... sorry. I have already gone back to text files on a backed up server. If Evernote decide to fix this bug then please let the forum know.
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