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  1. I have two simple suggestions: (1) A bigger dictionary. I constantly am finding I am needing to add words that really should be in there already. Sometimes these are technical terms (like amygdala, added today) but other times they're not and I'm surprised at needing to expand the dictionary. (2) Shift+F10 capability. In MS Word, this quickly works to "right click" so that if you've misspelled something, it gives you autocorrect suggestions right there. This greatly aids people who want to not need to reach for the mouse or trackpad. If I'm mistaken here (and there's some easy way to import a bigger dictionary or a shift+F10 equivalent), please let me know.
  2. Ah, I see. Thank you for letting me know.
  3. I have Tools > Options > ... no Context tab? The tabs are: General, Sync, Note, Hot Keys, Language, Reminders, Clipping. I'm not finding any mention of "Show Context" either on or within each tab.
  4. Is there a way to turn off the little popups in the bottom righthand corner in the Windows desktop Evernote application? These popups suggest related notes, which I often find to be (1) wrong and (2) annoying. If I think two notes are related, I'll hyperlink them, so this "helpful" popup is much more distracting than useful to me. Thanks!
  5. Wait !! After you get Premium, do you have access to old notes from before you got Premium? Or does it only "turn on" once you get premium?
  6. Awesome! This perfectly answers my question. Thanks so much!
  7. I am thinking of upgrading to Evernote Premium. I am primarily interested in accessing older versions of my notes. Would someone to be able to verify this feature and describe it in greater detail? Do I have access to every version of the note that I've synced at some point?Or do I have like, the 5 previous versions, 1 version per week for several months into the past, then 1 version every month, then for notes with histories older than a year 1 version per year? Is it staggered like that or is it a complete note history?How does accessing older versions of notes work generally?Thanks!
  8. I think that generally explains the problem, but it is exceedingly annoying. I noticed that a similar outcome happened again, but I'm not sure if it has the same cause. From now on, I do not plan on editing notes on my phone, since this all seems too unreliable. That "Conflicting Change" notes do not appear when this type of thing happens is ridiculous. Now, I make new notes on the phone, and integrate those new notes into my old ones manually. Let us hope this solves my problem, otherwise I don't even...
  9. What happened: I create a new note (we'll call FirstPhoneNote) my 4.4.4 phone offline around 8:00 pm yesterday while walking around. I don't keep my phone data-connected unless I have some reason to turn data on. Shortly thereafter, I get home and migrate to my Windows 8 PC. The phone synced upon it getting on WiFi at home, since I wanted to access an audio recording I had made while walking. More importantly, on the PC, I made extensive edits in a note, I'll call ImportantStuff. It appears to have sent to the server at 0:55. Before these changes, the note hadn't been edited for several days. I make changes to other notes until 2:00 am, and I am completely sure the desktop client synced. Fast forward to 3:00 am. I have an idea to jot down on my phone (on WiFi at home). I create a new note (we'll call SecondPhoneNote) and edit, not changing ImportantStuff. I notice, however, that ImportantStuff seems to not have been updated from my 0:55 edits. I did a search for key words associated with the changes I made to ImportantStuff to make sure that the changes that I thought I put in ImportantStuff were not elsewhere. There was nothing. No Conflicting Change note -- nothing. I do not think I made any changes to ImportantStuff on the phone. I'm also very confident the phone synced at this time. I go back to the desktop client in the morning, wondering whether simply opening Evernote will cause it to produce the Conflicting Change note. In the desktop client, I copy ImportantStuff as a safeguard and fire off a sync, desktop-side. The desktop client simply updated to the several days old version of ImportantStuff, the same version perplexingly seen on my phone. I can't understand how that happened. I know the server synced after the major changes to ImportantStuff last night (0:55). I know the phone synced before I got to the desktop client this morning, since the desktop version now has FirstPhoneNote and SecondPhoneNote. How did a Conflicting Change note not appear for ImportantStuff? The old Important Stuff erased the newer ImportantStuff. A few minutes ago: Thankfully, I had copied the changes to ImportantStuff before it got synced to the days-old version. I pasted the contents back into the note and synced Evernote from the desktop. It updated to the old version again! I could continue making changes to ImportantStuff within the desktop client, but upon syncing (from within desktop client) it would revert to the old state of ImportantStuff. I could do this repetitively and no Conflicting Change note would appear -- one note would simply erase the other. To have the desktop ImportantStuff override the phone ImportantStuff, I updated desktop-ImportantStuff, made changes but did not sync, fired a manual sync from the phone, and then synced the desktop client, and finally fired antoher sync from the phone. I think... it was complicated. This resulted in the both desktop/phone being the same. Right now I'm trying to figure out whether other notes, besides ImportantStuff, have had their changes (made around 0:55) lost. Not the first time? I've noticed that I've had note changes mysteriously disappear before, but I previous wrote it off as not remembering it right. I am now wondering whether a similar problem has been plaguing my use of Evernote all this time. I do not use the paid version of Evernote, in case that's important. I won't upgrade until I am sure that this type of phantom error isn't about to happen.
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