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  1. I am not a fan of the beta interface at all, and just changed back to the normal interface. I just simply couldn't get anything done. The data wasn't dense enough to do anything at all requiring more than a couple of notebooks. I'm on linux, and depend on the web interface a lot. Please consider making everything a lot more dense. The usability in the new beta is just horrible. I hope this gets fixed before it's released, or I'm going to have to switch services, and I really don't want to leave evernote. Thank you.
  2. [sOLVED] My android client synced and restored all the data after a while.... Hello, So I opted into the web beta. After trying my best to like the new interface, I just couldn't get productive, so I ended up here learning how to revert. So I did. And all my notes are gone. Since I'm on linux I couldn't back up my notes from the web client, and there's no official client for linux. Any help would be really appreciated. Am I missing anything? Thank you, -Frank
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