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  1. It is the Windows Desktop client. I know the kind of search you're talking about. I used to do it all the time too! However, now the only search bar is over the note composition window--not in its old place above the note snippet view. Wait . . . in my attempt to best describe my situation, I discovered something. If you click the search magnifying glass, you can choose "Search All Notes" (default) or "Search Current Context," which would search a specific notebook if I'm in that notebook. THAT was the piece I was missing. Sheesh . . . I feel silly for missing it. Although--in my defense--that was NOT intuitive, and I couldn't find ANY kind of documentation to help explain the change, which is pretty significant from Evernote 4. Thanks!
  2. I recently upgraded to Evernote 5 and with the new format I can't figure out how to streamline my searches. In the past, I could be in a particular notebook and start a search in just that notebook--narrowing with tags and keywords. Now it seems I can ONLY start a search with ALL my notes--which means I have to remember the EXACT name of my notebook to narrow my search. It also seems to kick me back to searching all notebooks and notes if I click on the tags on the left. I suppose that for someone with only a few notes or notebooks, this search function would be useful. But I have sooooo many notes and need to be able to narrow my search to a specific notebook like before. Is there a functionality that I'm missing or a workaround that I haven't discovered yet? I miss what I had . . .
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