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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my post. Your answer is helpful. I can get the android clipboard up easily, but image items are greyed out and cannot be pasted, text items are fine. This is not the case in S-note or Lecture Notes. Its a real shame as I have used Evernote for years now and I love it. My work around is to Sync S-notes to Evernote then they appear in Evernote. But I would dearly prefer Evernote. Seems like it should be quite an important functionality. Evernotes is great as I can take my scientific Evernote scrapbook, and show and discuss with others on any device. I will try linking up with support as you suggest. But could be a Samsung Note problem I suppose.
  2. Hello and thanks for the reply, I need to assemble pasted items from a variety of sources, scientific papers pdfs and web pages. If I can copy/cut text, as text that works fine, But any kind of images, snapshots of pdf paragraphs, diagrams or pictures it does not work. There are work arounds I know, but they are more convoluted and the purpose of Endnote (for me) is to make all this fluid. For example all this is possible in S-note, but there are some things I don't like about that solution. I want to continue using Evernote, but is about the only gap in a wonderful software, and it is is a real pain for me. Regards
  3. Hello, I am using the Evernote with my Samsung note 10.1 2014 tablet. Evernote almost perfectly meets my needs, with one very annoying exception! I cannot paste items from the clipboard into my notes. I cannot find a solution to this and have searched and searched.Anyone have the same issue? Or even better a solution? UPDATE: I can use the clipboard with copied text, that works fine. Its just other types of clippings (images I guess) that cannot be pasted into the EN notebook. I can see all the items on my clipboard, but in the EN context all the non text items are greyed out and cannot be pasted. Where as in other applications (S-note for example) they are available. I repeated this on my Samsung Note 3 phone and the same is true.
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