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  1. I can agree with this. I use the web interface pretty much exclusively and create lots of notes in it, but I still don't like the default screen to be a new note. It assumes what the user wants to do instead of allowing the user to decide what he/she wants to do. I AGREE with these two users in that the default startup page of a "new note" does NOT match how I use your product. I tried it for 5 min (4 of which was looking for a way to default to my favorites or list of notes and 30 sec to revert back to the release product). - my usecase for Evernote is pretty simple: I maintain task lists, to do lists, and simple lists (like restaurants i want to try) and update them from both my mobile devices as well as via the web page. I hardly ever create a new note now and 80% of my editing is probably to one file in particular (my to do list). - While most of the evernote ecosystem of functionality is not used by me, I have used it for recording audio notes, etc. - Defaulting to a "new note" only makes sense if you are a student or someone who takes notes with their laptop/tablet constantly. That's not me. I also agree that the amount of whitespace in this design is excessive. I would prefer a more streamlined look (less like paper journal and more like a web page of post-its). Even if you narrow the width of your window (so its fewer pixels wide -- how I would normally use it vs full screen mode on my PC monitor), there is a ton of wasted white space vertically. Why can I only see one or two existing notes without scrolling? That doesn't make your interface look "fancy", "clean", or "arty". It's just wasteful. -g
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