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  1. it's really annoying with this shortcuts...I give up ths feature cause the functionality change with each update

    Today I'm using EN-Version (Android) and the shortcuts do not work again.


    Android itself is annoying even more, I've updated to 5.0.1, and a whole lot of things change from bad to worse, i.e. all EN-shortcuts are again deleted after reboot

  2. I'm using Android version on my Galaxy S4

    unfortunetly it is no longer possible to create a shortcut to home screen for any search i.e. "notebook:tasks tag:weekly -tag:done"


    I didn't realized this immediatly because the existing shortcuts still worked after the last update.

    But due to another anoying problem of Android (it deletes all EN-shortcut after reboot) I need to create them new


    Well a shortcut to any notbook works, a shortcut to any note as well, but no shortcut to any search?!?

    I'm asked for a name, the shortcut appears with that name, but it does not find any note


    Is anyone dealing with the same problem?


    Are there any workarounds???


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