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  1. Hello there, Clicked on the link for the Beta version this afternoon, and FWIW here is my two-penneth. First off, I get that it is a Beta version, so some features will be missing. I also read that you're thinking this new interface will enhance the focus on writing, i.e (I presume) on the pane we are actually typing in. Granted that I am using an 11" notebook screen, but my sense of it was that the new black Notebook title top almost-left, plus the size of the note previews (again in that almost left-hand column), actually DISTRACT from the pane I am writing in. And quite considerably. So I flipped back to the desktop client, and could instantly see that the design looks old-fashioned in comparison, and doesn't follow the more up to date design tropes of more space around elements, simple line seperators and so on.. But for me, the colour contrast of the stuff I am only wanting to look at ocassionally is WAY better on the current desktop client. Grey and light blue might be boring, but they sure as heck don't shout the house down contrast-wise like black and green do (on white). So in the Beta, all of the elements on the page actually have the same weight, and kind of dance around in my peripheral vision when I'm trying to concentrate. In fact I found that my eyes were constatly being 'dragged' left. Hmmm.. Find a cool grey-green (and light grey for area seperators).. or go all out and have a full-screen mode like several other apps do? Also, I right away wanted to minimise that second left column and make it MUCH smaller, if not make it go away completely. Prismatic.io manages this, I think, in a much clearer way. Hope that's useful guys..but to summarise, too much contrast (way way too much), and the space around elements on a small screen actually crowds my focus not enhances it. Granted I had one high-contrast image in a note to the left, but that can happen in use for sure! If I had more than one image = chaos! Thanks for the chance to give some feedback! Iso
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