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  1. i have tried to send an email via work chat but the user at the other is prompted to open an account - which they don't want to do and i sent a cc to my email address which I failed to receive previously you could select a quick action via the share - we now have to go to NOTE - MORE SHARING ETC which is an annoyance for all Is there a better way - i am a mac user thanks
  2. hi i have just updated to the newest version of evernote and appear to have lost my functionality to send emails i can receive them ok but i vacant send them out without using something call work chat which is not suitable for me i have tried to send some through work chat, which i don't understand, but they have not been received the old style had a bog with an arrow expanding out of it but it appears this has been removed which was previously an email direct option could you please help as without this functionality my evernote account is pretty useless thank you
  3. Hi agin Jeff when I go to file print I only get a pdf logo appear as the print preview document It does not display the file detail as would normally happen I am not near a printer but the print preview indicates it has not copied the contents of the note for printing?
  4. Sorry I am a mac user Got the print ok - a little embarrassing In a note I was able to click on a little arrow in the top right hand corner which seems to now have a share box instead This allowed me to send a note direct with email function but facility this appears to have been removed? Thanks for the reply
  5. I have just updated the latest download version 5.7.0 and have lost the email functionality The little arrow that previously enabled this facility has disappeared and I cannot find any way to forward emails directly Additionally does anyone know how to print a note/file directly from Evernote?? Thanks
  6. Hi again I installed Evernote both from the web as a free download and from the Scan snap disc. I will upgrade to premium if I can fix this problem. Not sure what you mean by different profiles?? Is that user name and password (apologies for my ignorance) Basically i set it all up from the Scansnap disc I received with the scanner and i think? user name and password are the same Thanks again
  7. Thank you for your response. I think i have tried every combination and setup is pretty basic. There are many on the forums that have had a similar problem but I have not been able to find an answer to this point and from reading Evernote don't appear to be very helpful I really appreciate your kind assistance and this is the first time I have ever entered a forum
  8. I have jut purchased the above scanner and installed Evernote basic with the intention of upgrading I have an issue (which i see has been a problem for many users in the past) in that when i scan a document the following message appears "Failed to start up Evernote for Mac. Make sure that the selected application is installed correctly." I have uninstalled and reinstalled Scansnap and evernote however nothing i do works I am running the current versions of both products and am very disappointed with the outcome of my purchase at this point..... Can anyone give me a hand ?? please
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