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  1. I'm really sorry I didn't get around answering you earlier. Here are some shots of how I use the Notebooks / Tag structure: This way, it's really easy just dragging and dropping tags on your notes. But the key for this to work is searching on multiple tags: I'm at work, and need to do my next task for a certain project: click the notebook called Next Actions > Hit search bar > click tags @Work and the project I'm working on. Tadaa: here's the next task I need to do. Like Marc said, it's just really easy seeing your notebook and tag structure on the left. Sadly, I can't install anything at work, so I'm tied to using the web app. Anyways, thanks for listening, and sorry for my late response!
  2. Hey all, First off I want to commend you guys on the look of the beta client. It is very sleek, and looks good. However, I feel we're losing some key features in making it usable. The following issues were things that bothered me. If I just didn't discover them, please just point these out. There's no way to categorize your tags anymore.There's no dragging and dropping tagsYou can't search on multiple tagsNo more note previewing while still seeing the rest of your search results.If you work following the guidelines of Getting Things Done, this gets really frustrating. I switched back to the old version right away :/ I really hope some of these changes are still being worked on. Best Regards, - Nui
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