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  1. Unfortunately, it's not working for me across multiple platforms (Web, macOS and Windows), accounts. I'll submit a support ticket. Thanks.
  2. Hi, @Tom Donohue Has this been logged as a bug? I was demonstrating Evernote today and found the sourceurl operator is not working in Evernote Web nor Desktop. I haven't tested Evernote Mobile.
  3. What's the status of rotating PDF's in Annotate Mode? I see that you can Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwise from the options that present, but they're grayed out on single page and multi-page PDFs.
  4. Agreed, and I hope you can add an option to turn this additional link security/transparency measure off for all aspects of the app (Web, desktop and mobile). In many environments, this is unnecessary and confusing to Evernote users when other security measures are already in place. It's fine for unwitting users, but for those of us and those we support, we should be able to deactivate this. Thanks!
  5. They aren't invalid, as the advanced search operators are still working for me. I would say they're incomplete now. 😊 I'm looking forward to learning more about these filters and accompanying advanced search operators!
  6. I wish I could test, but I don't know how to execute the feature! 🤣 I checked the box to activate the feature, supposedly. But, I don't see an interface option. I wonder if it's for PDFs, or other documents, that are multi-page? I was hoping it was for multiple pages hyperlinked from a singular web page, similar to how some Web browsers download/save pages and their linked-to pages.
  7. I just noticed a "Multipage clips" option in Evernote Web Clipper. It says it will "Clip all pages into a single note." Does anyone know specifically what this does? I have a specific use case and I'm hoping it does what I hope, but curious if anyone has any further clarity or experience with it. Thanks!
  8. Checking https://status.cronofy.com/ there doesn't seem to be any issue confirmed by Cronofy directly. If you visit https://docs.cronofy.com/support/ you can see the support options (including support email address). If you get a response back, please let others know what you learn here. I use and enjoy Cronofy, and I recommend it often, so I hope it can be fixed for you all. Thanks!
  9. My understanding is that Evernote for Mac automatically indexes your notes in Apple Spotlight, unless you specifically disallow its Library. So, you simply need to title your note uniquely (e.g., make your note title something like ### Note Title) and then search Spotlight by the keyboard shortcut (⌘ space on my system) and then typing the first few characters of the unique note title.
  10. An idea: if you are using Evernote for Mac (desktop software) and have your notes indexed by Spotlight, you can prepend your note title very uniquely and open the note from very few keystrokes.
  11. A workaround might be to have your ScanSnap scan to an Evernote import folder so it doesn't need to go to the ScanSnap Cloud. See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004967-How-to-create-import-folders-in-Evernote-for-Windows.
  12. In addition to simply the fat finger problem 😂, I think it's important to recognize/point out that Evernote needs to work for people with common mental/physical limitations (like essential tremor)...that spacing allows for greater accuracy for these individuals with limited dexterity. As the family member of someone who suffers with tremors, I am conscious of making sure that links and buttons on mobile are well-spaced. So, for WCAG 2.0 mobile accessibility compliance and to appeal to users (like @JMichaelTX) perhaps an option such as several Google products provides of preferred (default, compact and comfortable) spacing could be useful in this instance.
  13. Yes, that can be done quite easily. It simply doesn't help the user with aesthetics/control of that email address, especially if you're sharing it with others (such as close family members, colleagues, or an administrative assistant). I like to create project-based email addresses for colleagues to email into my Evernote project notebook. Then, upon completion of that project, I delete that email address. Now, I don't worry about them continuing to litter my Evernote account with forwarded messages (even by mistake). 😉
  14. For those who have the desire for ultimate personalization (not for the average user), and you have/register your own domain, you can create a forwarding email of your own design to your existing Evernote email-into address. So, if you had mypersonaldomain.com you could create an alias forwarding address evernote@mypersonaldomain.com to send to your evernoteuser3432432@m.evernote.com address.
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