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  1. Dear Charboyd, Many thanks for your reply. I previously submitted a ticket, #753014. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards, Alan
  2. Dear Scott, Thanks again for your reply. When I say caveat, I am referring to your point regarding the high risk of data loss for beta and the reduced but still significant risk with the stable web platform. The beta was offered to me when logged in with no notice of increased risk. I'm not saying that this it's a big problem but there's a dissociation between the engineering side (where developers may always see this as high risk) and marketing (where ease of use and attractiveness are championed to users). Regarding my premium account, I mean that premium is sold as having better safety for notes - the literature on the history feature made me change. I'm not looking to close my account, it's just worth providing more information. I don't agree, however, that all IT systems would need such a caveat. I have never lost data with online banking. Any crashes that happen during my use of Office are recoverable as constant copies are made. Evernote has a different implementation which means it can't be as reliable. I hadn't appreciated that from the marketing literature. So this could be more detailed. I'm otherwise happy with the service, glad I have premium and like the new interface. Some people on this forum have been very silly, using rather rather inflammatory language. I'm not one of those, I just want a good service to keep getting better and become robust, which it has yet to be. Kind regards, Alan
  3. Dear Scott, Many thanks again for your reply. I appreciate your input, I am always impressed by those willing to help their peers through generosity alone. When I asked us there may be a copy saved elsewhere, this was coming from a position of relative ignorance of technology. Evernote pitches itself quite strongly at someome like me, with its simplicity based branding. Maybe there should be a caveat made visible for less tech savvy users like me before we sign up, get premium and use the various platforms. Unfortunately, I'm restricted to the web interface as I use Linux. Maybe adding a manual save button that errors if it's unsuccessful. Again, thank you for your input, I am grateful for your peer support. Kind regards, Alan
  4. Dear Scott, Many thanks for your reply. You make an important point regarding beta projects, however, this has happened on the"stable" interface in the past, too. Do you think that this is an inherent Evernote issue? Also, I was notified that the note was saved. Does this mean that it had just been saved somewhere else? Hidden from the less technical eyes of me? Thanks again for your help. Kind regards, Alan
  5. Hello, Despite trying to be a little light-hearted with my flippant title, I'm actually devastated. I have spent almost six hours making a in-depth notes on Evernote Web Beta. But the note content has disappeared. Having received no warning from the interface that anything was wrong, I clicked on the "all notes" button to check another note. I received the "Note saved in [notebook]" message. But all of the note content, from hundreds of bullet points to images, has disappeared. All that remains is the tags, title and notebook association. Please, please can someone help me recover this? I can't afford the time to redo this. It was the collection information from many textbooks. And I have many more topics to cover for my exams in a week. So literally don't have time to do it again. I've contacted support but they're closed over the weekend. I moved to Premium and the Beta as I had this happen to me on the free account with the normal web interface. Evernote claims to protect against errors with it's history feature, yet all of these are blank. And the nauseating irony is that I was taking notes on dementia. Alan
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