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  1. Hi, When processing an email with multiple attachments, I sometimes find it useful to create a separate note for each attachment and continue to process / iterate on each note independent of the others. To do this, I would typically duplicate the source note, and then remove the attachments I don't need from the duplicate. I might create multiple such duplicates. in the latest version of Evernote, however, duplicating a note doesn't seem to be copying over the attachments - which is causing me to do extra work to get my notes in order. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm using Evernote 10.7.6 on MacOS Catalina.
  2. Hi SvenT, I too use tags in a tree structure. On the Evernote 10.7.6 on Macbook Air running Catalina, by clicking on the "Tags", a new pane opens up which shows the entire tree structure of my tags. We can make edits to the tree structure in that pane. HTH. ~ Seacube
  3. +1 I have experienced the same issue on a Macbook Air 2016 model. Look forward to any suggestions.
  4. Another problem I've noticed on Version 10.3.7 on Catalina: Upon annotating a PDF document, Evernote isn't generating the annotation summary. I realized this after making notes in a 100 page PDF document 😞 If I go back to the legacy version, will that generate a summary now? Or do I have to summarize my notes by hand?
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