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  1. Could anybody say what am I missing regarding the creation/update dates that before this new version was being shown within each note, close to the tags and the edition toolbar? it was practical to have it there but it's missing now and I couldn't figure out how to enable the option, if that's possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. In a typical Windows standard conceptual framework, some users with at least little experience might want to change the focus for active window from whichever is the element one has clicked with the primary mouse button the last. After this, one can move throughout elements by using the directional arrows in a keyboard. This doesn't happen with the reminders list, but rather, the focus remains in the notes for the last notebook that has been active. I bet that's a desirable characteristic from which users might benefit in usability. To have the opportunity to move throughout elements with the directional arrow keys from the keyboard. Continue the great work you do with Evernote. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I noted that cutting & pasting a password "Encrypted selected text" contents within Evernote note, once encrypted, I've lost the data because I can't paste. What's worse, the cut contents are lost. I've one this within a note but it also seems to apply between different notes. I guess I shouldn't cut the "object" that symbolizes the encrypted text, but rather the text once decrypted. However, it's intuitively what I tend to do, and since It might be something that doesn't happen to everyone, I wanted to mention it. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. I use Windows 10 and Evernote Public.
  4. There is person A and Person B. Person A has access to the following: notebook 1 -> private notebook 2 -> shared: person A is owner: Person B can edit and view notebook 3 -> shared: person B is owner: Person A can edit and view But, person A when editing a note of his in notebook 1, could see the light blue icon along with the tooltip "person B is viewing" when the mouse is over it. I marked it in the red circle in the image below. Any ideas why that might be? Thanks in advance.
  5. I've installed Evernote twice in a 5 months period, and now I have 330 notes in the Trash. Evernote takes a lot to load in my Windows 7 Ultimate the first time I open it. But after that it's ok. I don't know why that happens, but I was wondering if I delete all those notes in the Trash, is it likely Evernote to load faster, or improve performance in general? Thanks in advance.
  6. Is it Windows 7 Ultimate user account a good protection for Evernote notes, in case that the computer is stolen, if the user haven't been logged out? Let's say that you enter to the Evernote website and revoke access from that computer after it's stolen. And that the thief can't figure out nor has acess to your Windows user and password. Is it potentially insecure, for example, access through "booting" the system with a Linux Live CD, and trying to open the local Evernote stuff? Or perhaps, if the thief creates an account with the same username as the protected one. What would happen in that case? I'm concerned about Evernote not getting logged out automatically when I shutdown the computer.
  7. Illya Serchenya: I tried what you described in Windows 7 Ultimate, I can compile the file with autohotkey, and I was thinking about executing this complied file not using Windows Scheduler but just at the windows startup. The reason is that I'm worried only about my computer being stolen, and if it's stolen then my computer will forcibly be shut down. That's enough security for me. What happens is Evernote gets closed. But then I launch the program and I'm still logged in as if nothing has changed. You also wrote a warning in red color, maybe I didn't quite understood what you are refering there. Can you or someone explain this to me in another way? Maybe then I will grasp the idea.
  8. Question to ask in Evernote Forums: I've shared a notebook with another person. After some months, we noticed that she has some tags in the left pannel, that are attributed to my nickname. Tags that I deleted already from my Evernote. We have synchronized our notebooks. However this tags in her notebook still appear. She can't delete these tags because Evernote says they are mine. I've tried creating again a note assignated in the shared notebook with that tag, synchronizing and then deleting the tag and synchronizing again, and now we see twice the tag... In her Evernote this image shows how it's seen. Any ideas on how can she delete from her Evernote this tags? Here a pic of what she sees: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3o6pg7hwdd7m0eu/pic.jpg?dl=0
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