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  1. thanks guys, ok, so it will be a choice between more editing ability or more flexible tools when creating the note... it would be great if you could do all the annotating, adding pix etc on evernote without having to open Skitch to annotate with Evernote. Great to have choices though. tx Mark.
  2. So if you are on a computer on Evernote, you can edit a note that was generated using Snote on your phone, ie can you edit the text, copy, delete bits etc...? I thought you could not, but it sounds like you say you can "edit it through Evernote"... ? Thanks, just wanting to know what I will be able to do...
  3. Ah cool, thanks Jframe... Mostly I would not want to re-edit a note... but it's good to know what the limitations are. Cheers Mark.
  4. Hi Stephen, I am about to get my first Note phone, and was curious as to what you meant that it is an image file. Are you saying that once an S Note is synced with Evernote, it stops being editable, is a bitmap image? Thanks, Mark.
  5. Hi. I would also very much like to find out what is happening with Evernote and the Note 4... I am about to upgrade to one... Tx
  6. Hello guys, I am new to Evernote and have a few comments on the new (very much improved and very attractive) Beta for Web interface 1/ when I "go to notes" or get to the main page, I am faced with a blank note ready to be written. This is great for those who mostly use their Evernote to create new notes, but for me, it is FAR more frequent I would be wanting to find an existing note... so this is an irritating time waster. It should be an option, "do you want to start with a new note or viewing the top item in a specific notebook OR view your notes with the top note selected?" Also "go to notes" should mean you go to your notes, surely? It does not say "create a new note"! 2/ when I want to find a particular note, I have to do too many steps. If I click on "Notebooks", I see the nice animation, and the result is to see a list of notebooks on the left of my web page. I then have to click on that list of notebooks to see the list of items within that notebook, THEN click on the note I want... It would be much faster to click on Notes or Notebooks, and by default, the newest item, or most recently viewed item, is displayed by default. The attached image shows what I would like to see when I start evernote... ready to create and browse notes. 3/ it would be great to have keyboard shortcuts to go directly to parts of the interface "N" New "M" Notes "B" Notebooks "T" Tagged "S" Shortcuts (why is it not called "starred"?) Lovely though. I will try for a few more days then upgrade to the premium account. Cheers, Mark.
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