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  1. Problem is : the people at Evernote are EXCELLENT developpers. They hugely honour the principle of UNCLUTTERED look. Which is good. Only they got it WRONG concerning the way evernote is used. Evernote is used to RETRIEVE information, especially when you are on the go or on the mobile. And they wrote us users a UI for STORING information. They are by this BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE. Now ... if they would have had it right and program the UI in order to RETRIEVE info through the tag-tree, or by other means (which would be GREAT). Then current popularity would PALE compared to the future popularity.
  2. The main issue is : designers focussed on the wrong User Experience, ie. "entering" notes. Data is entered into Evernote through WebClipping (10/10 for that). Also mainly typing data is done on a desktop computer (WITH keyboard). Cleaning up the UI is "naast de kwestie" (focussing on the wrong goal). Secondly : the (in the eyes of the designers) "cluttered UI" is the way Evernote is mostly used : RETRIEVE stored data. Evernote developpers should focus on ways to RETRIEVE stored information by enabling different ways to access data. If one has 500 Tags and 10 notebooks... it is 5000 combinations. THàt is the way people remember where to lookfor things. And if they have time and budget left COMBINE (be creative) with that data. Thirdly : Where they (Evernote management) get their data from. Something really really wrong here. If in a forum, an unknow writer, like me, gets thàt much attention. That means that most User Experiences and Use Cases were wrong. Time to correct that, I think, or it will be the last we hear about Evernote : There are lots a competitors ready to take that empty space! Mark
  3. I do not see any "bèta" I am using Evernote App in Chromium No bèta there
  4. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
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