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  1. I've all but stopped using Evernote as a result. I use it once in a while to dump research in files, but I needed my notes to be neat, so I moved elsewhere.
  2. Thank you!! Ultimately, I moved all this to Google. Sadness, because I like the way Evernote groups things. I'll still use Evernote for collecting stuff but I can't really use it for note taking when formatting matters.
  3. Thanks. You know... I really love Evernote but because of these time-consuming issues, I'm finding it simpler to... not use it. I've switched a lot of my files out of Evernote. I'm thinking if I've got to use three different programs to get rid of a double space, then I should just use a program that doesn't force me to hack to begin with. Sadly. But I still have collections of web stuff here. Just wish I had everything.
  4. I tried. I tried all these suggestions after pasting a really long title into my note and getting megaspaces. Up till now I hand type things, even longer things. That's a real time-waste. Any other suggestions--I read this whole thread--this is a significant multi-year problem:(
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