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  1. When I clip a new note, how can I make it show up in "Recent notes" quickly. Often there is a very long delay, yet if I remember the notebook I selected, it's there immediately. But I don't always remember the notebook I chose, so I'd like it to appear in "Recent Notes" asap. Thanks for help
  2. Yes, and to verify I just entered a new Contact on iPhone and it immediately showed up in Google contacts on my PC, and then I took and new one and it DID save via Evernote Hm?? Maybe the upgrade to 8.1 solved this, as that is the 1st time it did save automatically. So, I bothered you for nothing. Thanks
  3. Hi Scott, Thanks for posting help. Your reply to my other post on syncing didn't seem to work, or I missed something. Yes, I've set Save to Contacts in Evernote and it does--but only on my iPhone 5. The new saved contacts do not appear in my Google Contacts on my PC (W'7). I don't have a MAC. What step(s) am I missing? How can I make it sync from iPhone5 to PC? Thanks very much.
  4. Now that all my new contacts taken with Evernote on my iPhone 5 are saved to Contacts on the iPhone, how can I get them to sync with Gmail Contacts, which is my primary contacts base? That used to work when I used CardMunch, but not now. From prior postings, it appears others asked the same question, but I couldn't find the answer. Help apprecited.
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