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  1. First of all the Surface Pro 3, and now the Surface 3, are invading the workplace faster than the IPAD. It is amazing at how many devices that I see these days, yet Evernote seems to not even want to remain relevant in this eco system. I am now using OneNote for all of my note taking, as Evernote does NOT yet have a handwriting application for the windows ecosystem. YES I am a PREIMIUM member and have been for a VERY VERY long time. 1. HANDWRITING - either announce that evernote will not be used for note taking ro get on this FAST, users are leaving.... 2. ICONS / COLOUR CODING, I want to be able to visually group my items, maybe even have TAGS colour an item would be awesome. But some way of assigning a COLOUR to all this white (This help prioritize a LOT, as well as group things more visually. (See GOOGLE KEEP, which is fast catching up...) 3. SET ICONS Please can we have some URGENT or a bunch of ICONS that we ourselves can set, again they can attach based on a tag, or they can attach based on just a item. I know if you add a picture to an item that it will show up, and I use this as a workaround But come one, NO URGENT icon or anything. 4. LOCK MY LIST of TAGS (Please this happens so often. I rarely create new tags now. I want to lock my tags down, maybe add a lock feature, then add a special command to add a new tag, or warn of creating a new tag, ANYTHING!!! 5. WORKFLOW - Please have some concept of workflow, for tasks in flight, and complete. How cool would it be to have a KANBAN board that I can flip my items onto and drag them from to do to in progress and then complete. 6. Comments on an item - Add comments in a list type interface ie: I could add notes each dat about an item, without editing the item text it's self, maybe even have a time tracking or add I spent 5 hours on this on this day and did xyz.. this would be a huge advantage for larger items (Yes I use this for WORK) I think if those features were all addressed, especially the handwriting, though I am aware that all of the other items are more of a priority, the last and final item and I KNOW that I am not alone in this... 7. TEXT FORMATING for Right Text.. this can;t be that hard, there are so many libraries out there that have such a vast improvement for rich text editing beyond what evernote can do. Please help... I LOVE evernote... But I am slowly being pushed to ONE NOTE and Google Keep and Trello, I just want Evernote!!!!! PS this dialog that I am entering this note in for your forums has much more advanced formatting options than Evernote does.... Like that isn;t a kick in the teeth....
  2. I agree heavily with this. I shorcut saved searches which is critical to my workflow. This is not currently supported. It also seems that having to click then see item sand pick from a list is FAR slower than just clicking an item on the left. It looks great, but for actual use it is not as powerful as the classic.
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