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  1. A bandsaw would have helped me the knife was a pain in the **** with the books.
  2. I thought of the process you describe when I scanned some of my books and magazines. In the end I settled for a sharp knife (Stanley Knife etc) and cut the spines off. With stapled magazines you cut down the middle. Given this is in the paperless section I imagine you aren't keeping them? Ian
  3. Thanks but what I'm after is a list of tags that I can click and see all notes associated with that tag as in the iOS version. Your screen shot is basically just allocating a tag to one note. Ian
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have the iPad Pro and although I can select multiple notes, it doesn't seem to me I can do much with them. What I was trying to do was add the same tag to multiple notes. This doesn't appear to be possible. On tags what I am looking for is doing away with notebooks altogether and rely on tags but in iOS there appear to be no tag listing such as on the desktop in the left column or as there is in Bear. Thanks Ian
  5. Although I have been using the app for a long time on both iPhone and iPad only today have I noticed that there appears to be no drag and drop support or the ability to perform actions on multiple notes at the same time - add a tag for example or move multiple notes to a notebook. The former has been with us on iOS for about a year, the latter for ever. Whilst I down on the iOS app, why is there no ability to manage your notes by tag on the iOS app? No tag cloud or tag list, basically you can search a tag and that is it. I suspect the focus is now more on business use, but most of the features they have added under that title I see no use for either in personal or business life. Probably time they spent time on basic features (multiple highlight colors). Winge over. Ian
  6. +1. Basic options outstanding for years and years whilst they add other crappy stuff.
  7. Yes please. I've made a Keyboard Maestro keyboard shortcut for this but it is a massive ommission. I'm hopeful they are looking at the whole rich text editor on the Mac as it sucks. As well as the no strikethrough. What about more highlight color options, just yellow is not enough. Also more font options, sizes between 14 and 18.
  8. Was really hoping the new editing functionality would allow for more than one highlight colour. Same old yellow it seems at this stage.
  9. Thanks but not a new install unfortunately. Its frustrated me for a while and I just got frustrated enough to ask. Its never been most recent notes. At best it seems to be random. At the moment I have one from yesterday (I added a few yesterday), one from Sunday (added/changed multiple Monday, Tuesday and Sunday) and one from last Thursday (no idea all I did since then but I use Evernote daily). I’d say it was broken if it had ever worked. Ian
  10. On the iOS (iPhone) Evernote homscreen I have the option to show detail for each section. If I show detail in notes, I have no idea which notes Evernote chooses to show, it appears completely random. Can anyone help me understand which note titles its showing? I would be happy enough with most recent notes but at the moment it seems....random and thus of little use. Thanks Ian
  11. I really do think that Evernote just doesn't listen to users. I am on the lookout for a replacement and when it comes along I'm gone. There have been so many comments over the years about missing features, features that nobody wants and features just ripped out with no apparent reason and they appear to have a tin ear to it. There was some hope when that blog post went viral earlier in the year but it appears they don't learn. It seems they just want to cram everything they think of into the app without thinking about other users. With the increase in cheap cloud storage it can't be long before an app like Notesuite or One Note gets it right. The market is opening up and Evernote still continue to mess with their users. Anyway rant over. Todays specific missing feature - where did the 'all notes' button go when you are in a notebook? Gone it seems and we now have to use a keyboars shortcut. Great that we have a clean toolbar where only Evernote can add *****. Ian
  12. Agree with the whiteness and the other comments made by Nightstalker. I would add the ability to choose different highlight pens to the list of things that they seem to continuois fail to add despite it being basic for an app of this kind. The sidebar in 5.x needed more work it looked/looks like a list of notebooks in the system font. Instead we get things that most users don't want like context, related notes, chat (?!). I would get the basics right before fannying around with other stuff. So much for the focus that was promised earlier in the year. One thing that did surprise me was that with a version 5 product you found 200+ bugs..... Ian
  13. Same here. Don't like at all to trendy without being functional - doesn't provide the basics - easy access to notes and I notice the editor here has more functionality than the Evernote one. Their Mac client took a step backwards with version 5 and they seem to be doing the same with their web version. Thanks for encouraging me to look again for the back to old view option in settings. Ian
  14. Agreed. So much wasted space, the most obvious been in the notes view as you say. It tells me I have over 2000 notes then lets me see ~7. What were they thinking? Ian
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