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  1. I would also echo righteousdork in requesting the ability to edit the created and updated dates for notes through the web client. Editing these times helps sort notes into the correct real-world time-order. It was always strange to me that this was missing from the previous web version. I use Evernote entirely through the web client and Android app, and neither provide a way to edit these dates. On occasion I've been forced to install the Windows application in VirtualBox (I'm a Linux user) just to edit some note creation dates!?!
  2. I very much agree with jwvanderbeck, nested tags are the most important missing feature from the web beta. Please add the ability to nest tags, please. I also would use the web client to both create and view nested tags.
  3. I want to second this. It's the feature I'd most like to see re-enabled in the web beta. The power of tags is that they allow multiple labels to be applied to notes. I like how this is digitally native: we are not forced to choose which 'place' (folder) to put the note, freeing us from a needless (and unproductive) physical metaphor. However, lists or databases are not easy for humans to deal with - visually or cognitively - especially when they exceed a small number of items. The ability to see, at a glance, groupings of related tags gives us the best of both systems: a flexible and digitally native labelling and classification system, combined with the quick-scanning 'glanceability' of shallow hierarchies. I realise that nothing I'm saying here is particularly original, but I thought it might be valuable to articulate exactly why I miss the tag hierarchy.
  4. OK, so I very much like the direction of the new beta. The old web interface was feeling tired and outdated. I'll list off the good and the bad. Good Much nicer to look at; it just feels more modern and 'now'Feels faster and smootherMuch clearer view of the notesWriting interface is much more welcomingVery much like the floating, contextual text-formatting controls Bad There is too much whitespace. I get that it adds to the clean look, but if it was just a bit less it would make all the difference. Reduce the whitespace by 10-15% or so.Tag hierarchy is something I really miss. It's the best way to tame a large number of tags, and serves to combine the flexibility of tagging with the spatially intuitive nature of a visual hierarchyCan't create links between notes. This was something that was already broken through the web on ChromeOS (which I use a lot), but now seems to have vanished completely Bugs? The beta doesn't seem to remember my favoured sorting of notes. It defaults to 'date updated'. I prefer to list notes by 'date created'. It switches fine, but doesn't remember that preference when I close or reload the webapp Also, I'm a long-time reader of these forums and this is my first post. I've been motivated to join in because I actually really like the beta, but feel it's missing just a few key bit of functionality that would make it really great.
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