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  1. Ah ! This is a nice update, enough for me to make the switch from the old version to the new beta ! Thanks for listening to your customers !
  2. That said, what some people refer to as weird white space, others find refreshingly clean, even Tufte-esque (Edward Tufte). The design goal of removing distraction is vital for any product these days. Stretch goal might be to cultivate productive focus. EN is an information storing vault. Productivity in this context is to access a lot of information in a short time. A list of notes divided by huge pieces of nothing, the way the notes / notebook list is out of view unless clicked, and the opening single notes in a new window does not help prodictivity, it hinders it. I'm afraid what we are looking at in the web version is what is planned for the desktop versions, too. That would be a terrible thing to do to us. 1) I half agree. I like a bit of white space to keep things nice and easy to look at. However, the Beta is a bit overboard in that regard and it looks... sparse. 2) I think Libin explicitly stated that the entire purpose of this new web version was to differentiate it from the desktop versions. That is, as per Libin's keynote, their original goal for the web interface was to attempt to feature-match a desktop client. However, as he stated, this worked poorly. It was technically challenging or impossible to do that effectively, and it wasn't an effective user experience. The beta is a reflection of a new direction, a new way in which Evernote conceptualizes the web interface as a totally discrete client from the desktop clients. The web client will, as Libin suggested, highlight the very best of what can actually be done effectively on the web. It will offer, as I interpret Libin's statements, a profoundly different experience from the desktop clients. We can impute, then, based on the desire to make the web client different, that this is NOT the direction in which the desktop clients will go (because that would defeat the idea of them being different). The desktop clients will continue to be developed to take advantage of the desktop context, so likely designed towards doing the heavier lifting and whatnot that is just a bit cumbersome or impossible in the web. So, I don't buy the argument that Evernote's going to transplant the web interface or something similar to the desktop. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some design cues moving to the desktop clients for branding and coherence reasons. However I don't think the desktop clients will be simplified/streamlined/dumbed down in the same way the web will be. The main reason for me using Evernote Web is because the desktop client for Windows is buggy! So I am forced to use the web client for my daily Evernote work. I would be quite happy to use the desktop client solely only if it was bug-free. Unfortunately, Evernote does not have a very good track record of producing bug-free software. I've lost count the number of times I've had to send support requests to them reporting problematic glitches in the software. So the only thing keeping me going is the solid robust version of Evernote Web. And to be honest, I like the fact that it is the same setup as the the desktop clients. This means it is easier to learn and use should anyone need to use it when the desktop client is unavailable. If Evernote are truly going on this road of having a different layout on desktop clients and a totally different layout on the web. Then I can forsee many users becoming confused and this will require more learning time. Also many tips and tricks one uses in the desktop client will no longer be possible in the web version due to a different user interface. So to me this doesn't make sense to have different layouts. In my opinion (I maybe wrong), but I think Evernote might eventually abandon the desktop clients altogether and just focus on having a web version. The only problem with this would be the difficulty in backing up certain notebooks for private use or downloading notebooks/notes locally onto the PC. The other option, of course maybe would be to congruous all the software so that it works and behaves similarly. To be fair, I have a very hard time getting around the old web interface because it is SO different from the Mac interface. In order for me to effectively use the old interface without being confused, I would need to commit some time to learning its intricacies. So the need for users to spend some time learning one client or another isn't new as of the beta. I highly doubt Evernote will ditch the desktop clients. There is so little evidence to suggest that will ever happen, and there so much that can only effectively be done with the desktop clients. Their commitments to rewriting the desktop clients, things like "Context" which rely on client-side processing, and so on suggest that the desktop clients are in it for the long haul. If they were interested in phasing out the desktop clients, I don't think they'd be building out new features that wouldn't exist without them. I just hope they keep basic functionality like Reminders, quick accessible notes, search and a good editor within the notes on the web client and don't dumb it down. Some of us use Evernote in environments where the desktop clients cannot be installed due to corporate policies and so having access to the web client is key. I use Evernote primarily on the web while at work to keep a handle on projects I'm working on (todos, notes, research, etc.), the mobile app on my phone to capture receipts and other documents that I need to remind my self to go back to and I barely use the desktop client on my mac, just because when I get home I have already used Evernote for the day ! So, Evernote, please don't steal functionality away from the web ! Clean it up a bit, improve the note editor, but don't remove functionality !
  3. I would add: - Huge Fonts, specially on larger monitors (I have a 22"), take unecessary space. And I agree with the key missing features, just adding some additional detail: - Reminders (in particular being able to open a notebook and see what reminders are associated with that notebook) - One click access to Notes (too many clicks now) - If the intent is to provide a simplified UI when you login, provide the option to "pin" one of the sideviews, replicating the current 3 pane layout view. - Too much whitespace. Why are note lists centered ? Why does a note not take the whole screen if space is available ??? Like someone else said in a different thread, aesthetics are important, but should be balanced by functionality.
  4. I couldn't have said it simpler. I do agree that aesthetics are important but need to be balanced by functionality. Hopefully someone at Evernote is reading through the feedback provided through this thread a re-thinking some of these early design options.
  5. Hi, I just got a pop-up message suggesting I changed to the Evernote Web BETA interface. I must say that I'm extremelly disappointed with this update. Here are a couple of reasons: 1) No reminders on top of notes when I click on a notebook I run multiple projects in Evernote, each one has a notebook. In these notebooks I store project information, research and todos or reminders. If I want to see what I have to do, at a glance, in the previous version I would just click the notebook and see all my project reminders at the top. With evernote BETA that went way and I can't find a way to show my reminders by notebook/project 2) If I need to get to a note, I now need more clicks. Click the icon on the left to get to notes, find a notebook through the gigantic font list of notebooks, click a notebook and open a note. (4 clicks) Previously, I would just pick a notebook from the side view and see all notes and chose the note I wanted (2 clicks) 3) Design is confusing Fonts are huge, the notes list is centered on my scree (21") so there's a lot of weird white space around it. There are not very clearly defined boundaries between different sectinos of the screen. It's hard to tell where the separation of the note title and the note text is. The new note toolbar on the side isn't helpful at all, I would like to see all options at glance. 4) The interface is completely different from the PC/MAC Why completely change something that worked well, instead of improving performance of the previous web interface ? 5) Can't find a way to go back I had just switched to a premium account yesterday. Since I cannot seem to be able to continue using my previous workflow in this new interface, I'm going to have to reconsider staying a paid customer.
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