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  1. I imagine that Evernote knows how many users are migrating to iPadOS, and if there are many as I hope there are, I’m sure that the Evernote team is working overtime to ensure that there will be soon be a special iPadOS Evernote version that will match and hopefully even exceed macOS Evernote. We’re currently trying out rented iPadPros 11 and 12.9. While we’re not quite ready to make the shift from our PC, our Windows laptop, and our MacBook, if the promising new Libra keyboard with trackpad comes out early next year and iPadOS continues to expand, then we’ll be doing a major transformatio
  2. Thanks very much for the tip! I wasn’t even aware of the settings ... since I’m still “playing around” with our new iPad Pro to see if it really can become a MacBook replacement (we really want to reduce the number of devices we schlepp around.) But the workaround is a bit inconvenient and there’s still evidently no way to use the “match note width” command on the iPad. I wasn’t even aware that it wasn’t possible to insert a divider on the iPad, but the advanced settings show that with a rather unusual combination of keys that’s also possible. So thanks very much, Pink Elephant, for makin
  3. Glad to see that I’m not alone in my migration from MacBook to iPad Pro... I’m using iPadOS Beta right now and am disappointed to see that one immediate EN limitation is no insertion of tables. Here’s hoping that once iPadOS becomes generally available in the fall, EN will follow up fairly quickly with a new version for iPad users with all - maybe even more? - tools currently available in MacOS.
  4. Would like more information on what you mean by using "tables" to replace Evernote food as a template? I'm interested in anything that helps! (so far I have only been able to use tables on Windows to create rows and columns in Evernote.. it hasn't seemed too useful but maybe I haven't figured it out yet.) I was very sad to use my Food app for the last time. It was so nice to see the locations and information in such a beautiful format. I hope Evernote decides to allow photo captioning or a similar template for general use. - I think note takers, foodies and others would make a lot
  5. After looking in vain for another provider of an app for meal saving and restaurant photo journaling and not finding any ready-made templates, I decided to create my own just by fancing up a regular Evernote note! And I'm actually really happy - I can now provide more information in a better organized way than with the Food app. I'd always used my tablet camera to snap pics of courses, drinks, restaurant interiors and then added them via the easy Food app addition. I'll have to manually add them now, but by using Evernote tables, the ability to color in the cell background and deciding on wh
  6. We'll join the crowd: PLEASE provide an alternative to Food that would allow us to continue photojournaling our meals and would integrate into Evernote as seamlessly... What a real shame Food is ending... I learned how to use the Mac app to keyboard in details (wasn't possible in Windows unfortunately) that was difficult to do from the Android tablet - which we basically used as a camera to capture all the wonderful foodie moments of our lives... We'd contribute to crowd funding for a replacement or even pay if Evernote turned it into an additional feature.
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