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  1. I only get a blank window when I open the latest update of Evernote on Win10. Notes are available via the browser and on my Mac. What a clusterf**k.
  2. Version 10 lasted about an hour on my desktop before I was looking for the last V7.14 install file. Way too many regressions to make it worthwhile to make the move. I'm now looking at whether I should have a backup plan and/or replacement if Evernote stumbles big time over V10. Does anyone know whether Evernote V10 supports the new Apple M1 chip?
  3. Good idea, maybe folks would like to share missing (or new) features that has caused them to stay with V7.14. For me it included lack for support for the macOS Share menu and no integration with the Finder menu (Add to Evernote). Second was the regression in the Evernote Helper in the macOS menu. I didn't have a problem with the new UI design, just the lack of core features that make V7.14 so useful. Cheers, Steve
  4. It's hard to believe that Evernote 10 lacks support for the macOS Share menu. I'm reinstalling version 7.14.
  5. This is a major regression. The original functionality was very useful.
  6. Just tested other browsers. Only Safari 11.0.3 on macOS 10.13.3 is supported. Unsupported browsers I tested are Firefox 59.0 on Win10 and macOS Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0 Internet Explorer 11.309 Opera 52.0 on Win10 and macOS
  7. Just tried to log in to my Evernote Business account using the Opera browser only to get the message : Your team is using the new Evernote Business with Spaces To access Spaces and share information with your team, you can download Evernote or use Google Chrome. To use the previous version without Spaces, you can continue below Evernote Spaces only works with Chrome? I have to use the previous version of Evernote if I want to use Opera (and presumably any other browser). Tell me this is not true. Who builds a web app that can only work with one specific browser? This is literally
  8. No offline notebooks. What concerns me is that both iOS devices and the web app show different counts. How do I identify the notes at appear not to be syncing to the mobile devices? And the notes that are not visible via the web app?
  9. I've also noticed this discrepancy in note counts: macOS 5160 notes, Win10 5160, iPad 5155, iPhone 5127, web 5033. Given that the web count is 127 notes less than my two independent desktop counts (macOS and Win10) suggests that I should NOT force a new download from the server. Unless the web app is not displaying the correct count from the database I have no idea how to start to reconcile these discrepancies and figure out which notes are missing from which client platform. I hope that this is not an issue with Evernote Business accounts. I can imagine the negative reaction from c
  10. I see the same problem with Safari. So the problem may be on the LinkedIn side. I notice that LinkedIn have changed their website and so their new page foundation may have broken Evernote's web clipper. I hope that Evernote can fix this. This is a clipper feature that I use regularly. Note that LinkedIn will save a formatted pdf copy of someone's profile which you can then store in Evernote
  11. It might help to define possible use case scenarios and then suggest alternative ways to satisfy corporate client requirements. For example, Ensure that no personal Evernote data can be accessed from a company-owned device or PC. This might be needed in call centres where staff are working with tightly locked-down systems that deny any software install attempts, that block all but internal web addresses, that are wiped and re-imaged each day, and so on. Evernote might address this requirement by ensuring that the Evernote client installed on the PC is only able to login to a specif
  12. I have to wonder: what is the core problem that Evernote is trying to solve by separating and isolating our personal and business accounts in this fashion?
  13. And users will likely respond by avoiding the productivity and usability penalty imposed by this distinction. We'll simply "live" in our personal account and move notes across to our business account when forced to.
  14. And while we're on this topic, I know that the Mac and Windows clients are developed by different teams, but do they ever talk to each other about these issues? For example, the current version of Evernote for Windows separates Business from Personal notes in the LH menu panel this way: Why? Not that this is a bad UI approach, but why does the Mac development team take such a fundamentally different approach to the same problem? Is there no overarching UI strategy or philosophy in Evernote?
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