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  1. I tossed out the dysfunctional Evernote towel not long after my post from October 1, 2014. Given the general contempt that the Evernote company has shown towards its paying customers for years, it's not really a surprise that the Homeric saga of the Evernote Clipper continues without a resolution. For what it's worth, however, I finally figured out that the issue with the Clipper is one of (what else?) cookies. I'm not one who enjoys having cookies from multiple companies sitting on my Mac after using Safari. So I would routinely delete the cookies, and this would prompt the Clipper to fo
  2. I changed my cookie settings to "allow from websites I visit" (which means that more cookies and other ***** from other websites will just get dumped into Safari, which is really annoying), and that miraculously made the Clipper work. I spent the better part of two weeks of ***** around with installing and uninstalling the Clipper extension dozens of times, cleaning out my cookies, web data, and cache, etc., and none of that worked. I had the same issue that everyone else has written about above. I have to say that it's really unbelievable that Evernote, after so many years in business,
  3. Thank god I'm not the only one to have experienced this really annoying issue with the Web Clipper and Safari. I experienced the same thing more than a year ago, so I uninstalled the Web Clipper out of disdain for this absurd issue. We can put a go-cart on Mars that takes and analyzes the Red Planet's soil samples and sends the results back to us. Evernote can't figure out this rather small issue with Clipper vs. Safari? Please...it's, I'm sure, a question of priorities. Too busy selling highly prices items in Evernote's Market? In any event, I thought I would give it another try last week (
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