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  1. I tossed out the dysfunctional Evernote towel not long after my post from October 1, 2014. Given the general contempt that the Evernote company has shown towards its paying customers for years, it's not really a surprise that the Homeric saga of the Evernote Clipper continues without a resolution. For what it's worth, however, I finally figured out that the issue with the Clipper is one of (what else?) cookies. I'm not one who enjoys having cookies from multiple companies sitting on my Mac after using Safari. So I would routinely delete the cookies, and this would prompt the Clipper to force me to go through its settings/opening page every time I logged back on with Safari. At some point, just using shift+command+4 on a Mac just became easier. I would say that the presence of the various cookies that you are finding (noted above) is a routine practice not just from Evernote, but from every website that you visit to one degree or another. A partial solution is to install a few browser extensions that can help block some cookies and trackers. I use Ghostery and uBlock, which do a reasonably good job, but even they cannot catch everything. As for Evernote, I haven't opened the app in a couple of years. I responded here because I get an email notification that this issue is STILL plaguing Evernote's customers. Hope you find it useful.
  2. I changed my cookie settings to "allow from websites I visit" (which means that more cookies and other ***** from other websites will just get dumped into Safari, which is really annoying), and that miraculously made the Clipper work. I spent the better part of two weeks of ***** around with installing and uninstalling the Clipper extension dozens of times, cleaning out my cookies, web data, and cache, etc., and none of that worked. I had the same issue that everyone else has written about above. I have to say that it's really unbelievable that Evernote, after so many years in business, cannot keep the Clipper working properly or notify customers on its own website or via some other communiqué about what we need to do make it work (e.g., change your stupid cookie settings, of all things.) I had an extended email exchange with the support staff a few weeks ago about why, in the name of god, I have to reset my preferences (by clicking on "Options") every time I sign into Clipper (e.g., which Notebook I want to start with; turn off all of the "related search" ***** that invades my screen, etc. etc.). They finally told me that I have to go through their sign-in saga every time because it's governed by Evernote's cookies in Safari. If you remove all of your cookies and website date in Safari, then Evernote's cookie disappears, and, alas, you have to reset your preferences every time. It's January 2017, and I have to go through that just to take a screen shot? And, of course, your screenshot or a saved pdf MUST go into an Evernote Notebook, even if you just want to save it to your desktop. So you have to open Evernote, then track down the screenshot, move it to you desktop (or whatever) just because Evernote wants all of your stuff in their app to take up storage space so they can charge you more for that. And it looks like the new redesign of the iOS version of Evernote is going to require considerable time to figure out how to use it's "simpler" design and features. Evernote was once a great app, and I think it still can be one. But it seems like there are too many issues all of the time, while other apps are moving forward. So I'm thinking of saving $8.00 a month that I pay for Evernote's headache and trying something else, like Notability. which has a one-time $9.99 price and a lot of rave reviews in the Mac and iOS App Stores. Has anyone tried Notability? Please, Evernote's engineers and QA staff, if you are reading these comments, save your app from its own demise.
  3. Thank god I'm not the only one to have experienced this really annoying issue with the Web Clipper and Safari. I experienced the same thing more than a year ago, so I uninstalled the Web Clipper out of disdain for this absurd issue. We can put a go-cart on Mars that takes and analyzes the Red Planet's soil samples and sends the results back to us. Evernote can't figure out this rather small issue with Clipper vs. Safari? Please...it's, I'm sure, a question of priorities. Too busy selling highly prices items in Evernote's Market? In any event, I thought I would give it another try last week (after a year of not using it), but the exact same issue--the dumb-opening-vidoe-about-how-to-use-Evernote Web Clipper appears every time I open Safari on both my iMac and MacBook--EVERY TIME. I contacted Evernote support this week, and the guy had actually never heard of the problem. Unbelievable. He wanted me to repair permissions (which I did, and which had no effect whatsoever), uninstall Safari from my Macs (forget it; it's not worth that), and all kinds of other *****. (As an aside, I have the same issue with Pocket's extension in Safari, which I've removed). Evernote's support staff never gave me a solution. So I find it stunning that Evernote, a great company with smart people, can't figure this one out over the course of almost two years. I've deleted .plists, trashed caches, and everything I can think of, but I can always rely on the "first launch" page of the Web Clipper to appear every time I open Safari. Aside from Pocket, I have no problem with any other extension in Safari. Question for the class: Is it even necessary to install the Web Clipper extension in Safari when we have the Evernote Elephant in our tool bar that will do the same thing (if I understand it correctly), and you don't even have to log in from Safari? Look at this thread and how long this issue has been presented to Evernote. This is what we get for Premium?