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  1. Opened a ticket and confirmed that this is a bug in Evernote. I never said this. All I said is that Evernote was not allowing me to create or edit notes locally, which is not how it's supposed to behave. A better analogy would be if the car ran out of gas and then ejected me out of the car and locked me out. I don't get why there's animosity for someone reporting that the software is not working as intended. The dev I'm doing tests for to reproduce the problem is very professional. Also, do you guys see how telling someone that found a defect in a product that it's their fault and that they should pay extra for the premium version of that product is perverse logic..?
  2. Well, the whole app is pretty much is rendered useless: I can't edit my existing notes unless I make a local version of all my notebooks, move all my notes, and move them back at the new cycle (absurd) AND I can't make new notes by any means using the clipper or screenshot tool. If Evernote intended their product to work that way then I'm going to bail.
  3. Hello, fellow BOINC supporter. It's impossible to set a local notebook as your default notebook, so therefore it's to use the web clipper or screenshot function, since neither of them have an option to select a (local) notebook. I have little hope to recover my work but I hope they fix the bug...
  4. It would be great if someone opened a ticket for me (I don't have premium). done Expected behavior: When upload limit is reached, new notes created in Evernote Desktop will be saved, only locally, until cycle resets. After the cycle resets, the pending notes get synced. Observed behavior: Creating a new note by selecting "New Note" and pasting using Ctrl-V immediately causes the "Upload Limit Reached" dialog for each time you hit Ctrl-V. When you navigate away from the note, the note is blanked out. This is also true if just try typing text into a note. Happens unless you use a local notebook. Creating a new note by selecting "New Note" and attaching a file immediately causes the "Upload Limit Reached" dialog for each time try to add an attachment. The note is blanked when you navigate away. Happens unless you use a local notebook. Creating a note using the web clipper (settings set to send to desktop, not Evernote Web) makes the "clipping" overlay apear, but no note is created and no error is shown. Creating a note using the Win+PrtScn allows you to select an area to capture, but does not create a new note. When you do go to desktop, there will be one upload limit dialog for each time you tried to do a screen capture. Since (A) Evernote only works as expected when creating notes in a local notebook, and ( you cannot set local notebooks as the default notebook, and © Evernote web clipper for Firefox & Win+PrtScn does not allow you to specifiy which notebook to save to, Evernote is deleting all my notes now that my upload limit is reached (I almost exclusively use the web clipper and screenshot feature). I'm also pretty pissed in the manner which I figured all this out. I was going through pdfs and using Win+PrtScn to clip important parts. Sometime in the course of this, my upload limit was reached without my knowing, and I continued to clip my pdfs. When I checked Evernote, I had dozens upon dozens of "Upload Limit Reached" dialogs and hours of clipping had been lost. ಠ_ಠ
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