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  1. Thank you for your comments. I've played with iQTell and think it's a very well thought out app but as you say it's another app and cost! This is why I'm trying the forward. I spend most of my time in Evernote and outlook. Just would love to be able to view and action my email in Evernote.
  2. Hi, over the past few months i have really got into using evernote as my task manager. Historically i have always forwarded important or actionable emails to evernote. I then switch apps and organise but why forward! Does anybody know of a way to see your mail in evernote or has already tried to forward all email to evernote?? what was your experience?? As of today i have setup gmail to forward all email to evernote so i can review and organise in the same app but realised that i don't know how many unread email i have.. i know evernote is not an email client but is there a way? Hope this makes sense and i look forward to reading your comments. PS I'm a premium user on Mac, windows, iPhone, iPad, macbook
  3. Add me to the list for this one.. i use the list view for my notes and like to set reminders for when they are due to reviewed again (to make sure actions are comleted for exaple) but being unable to list the notes by this is really frustrating... Come on Evernote - get your finger out!
  4. Please add another one to this list. I can't understand why it's takings remote so long to create a recurring task/reminder... Come on Evernote, get your finger out!
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