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  1. +1. Please restore the previous functionality, where recent notes could be hidden separately from shortcuts.
  2. Maybe other people aren't experiencing as many issues, but the MULTIPLE SERIOUS BUGS introduced in the last "stable" version have absolutely ruined your app for me. Very basic text editing functions are now a chore, and I live in constant fear of data loss (just encountered a new bug today – deleting one image from a note deletes every image in that note; have to undo immediately, or they're gone for good). These bugs have been present for months with no word from Evernote on whether/when they will be fixed. Many of them are so pervasive that it's hard to imagine how they slipped through basic quality control (no one noticed that when you highlight more than 2-3 characters of text and start typing, the highlighted text isn't overwritten? Really? This is a basic core function of literally every text editor I've ever used, and I encounter this bug multiple times a day in the course of ordinary typing/revision of text.) Point blank: the current quality of this app is unacceptable, and it's incredibly frustrating to see a list of new features being beta tested, unaccompanied by any information on bugs that have been ruining the user experience for months. This is a serious communication issue on top of what I can only assume is a serious quality control issue. It would be nice to see some indication that these concerns are being taken seriously.
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