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  1. Thank you for putting together that Pinterest board, Megan! I'm following it to pick up more tips and tricks.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion, @gazumped. That would work if I wasn't so obstinate to have it working on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, and laptop). I was able to download and successful run the Evernote app on my laptop. And I can happily report that it does not refresh every three minutes and I can continue to edit my lengthy documents without interruption. I'm still experimenting, but I've found that much of the formatting (indentations, numbered and bulleted lists, tables, horizontal rules, etc.) is not kept if you copy and paste text between Word and Evernote. Per your suggestion (and my fondness for using styles), I'm editing the original document on my laptop in Microsoft Word, copying the text to Evernote at the end of the day (disregarding the disarray), and attaching a copy (as a backup).
  3. The AppStore should not be downloading a .dmg at all. It should download 5.5.1 directly into your /Applications directory. Thank you, @Adjusting, for your suggestion! I didn't even think of checking the AppStore. I downloaded it and it works great! And thank you, @ajse, for writing this topic! Else I would have kept using Evernote on a browser.
  4. As much as I like being able to access my notes on Evernote's website, I don't like how the note "refreshes" after three minutes of inactivity. I've found that this "refresh" phenomenon doesn't happen on my iPad, just in the browsers I've tested (Firefox and Chrome). To explain my situation further, here's an example of my work process. I'll be working on a very long document, stop typing to gather research, click on the note again, only to have it magically scroll back to the top of the document (if it hasn't refreshed to the top already), and I end up scrolling or pressing the page-down button multiple times to go back to where I left off. It's fine if I only have to do this once or twice, but I'm working on this document all day, so you can imagine how frustrating it gets as the day progresses. I'm also unable to install the latest version of the Evernote app on my MacbookPro (OS 10.6.8), else I would have gone that route. I posted about this elsewhere in the forum and really hope that I'll be able to download a previous version that I will work. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any insight and workaround suggestions. Many thanks in advance!
  5. I'm another user who is in a similar boat. I recently restarted using Evernote and wanted to install the app to my MacbookPro (running OS 10.6.8, Intel). But the latest release 5.6.0 (build 450741) cannot be installed onto my laptop. Does Evernote have an archive of past releases where I can get the last-known stable version that is compatible with my OS? I would appreciate any help. Many thanks in advance!
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