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  1. The lack of ability to disable this annoying feature, which I commented about on 27-Aug-2018, has caused me to start looking for an alternative to Evernote. From what I can tell, the product works well on iOS and MacOS. Based on personal experience, it works just OK on Windows, though the editor has some quirks that take getting used to. But on Android, where I basically run my entire life, Evernote is VERY DISAPPOINTING! As others have commented, it's been over a year and we're still dealing with this issue. I understand and support the team not catering to free-level users. But as a paying user (Plus level subscription), I would think this issue would get more attention than it has. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas...
  2. Awkward and very inconvenient, but the kludge works. Thanks for sharing your solution!
  3. This is definitely a new problem that was introduced in the 8.3 update. I have started new lines with "- " (dash space) using earlier versions with no trouble. I tried the undo button as suggested in another post. It reverted ALL changes to the current note. Like other people in this thread, this is a huge problem for me! Android dev team, please DO NOT introduce new "features" without allowing the user to configure them.
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