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  1. I am quite the newbie. This is my first post, but after trying the in-note camera in Evernote and then downloading CamScanner as an app, I have mixed feelings about each. CamScanner Pros Easier to work withBatch works with phone's camera (and more cameras, I'm assuming, than Evernote)Seems easier to bracket photos consistentlyCons Washed out half the photos, rendering photos illegiblePDF (like Martinz said) is an extra, unneeded step I don't needFree, isn't. Ads and "Scanned by CamScanner" annoying additionsIn App Evernote Pros Able to type under each photoCamera worked better with consistent exposuresKeeping it In-App is very convenientCons Wont batch photos with my cameraPhotos a bit blurry, illegible in someHaving a feature that doesn't work all the way makes the bulky app more of a bother.
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